DQ Digital Leadership Conclave 2018: Panel Discussion- 2 Steps Ahead With Next Gen Security










For technology leaders, the development of digital transformation and the implementation of right security is a board-level issue, making it a focus point for the future. According to a research, most CEOs now rate security as ‘very important’ in ‘helping their organizations to achieve digital transformation objectives.’ In order to achieve success in digital transformation, organizations are bringing technologies, solutions, and processes so that they are secure by design. These technologies provide the opportunity to build security into the whole lifecycle that exists around IT use. Getting this degree of oversight and security in place involves making security goals and objectives clear to everyone, while also enabling those processes to run smoothly and effectively. In this session speaker discussed why organizations must overhaul their approach to security in order to achieve success in digital transformation.


The valuable asset that a media organization possesses is its ‘content’, that derives the cashflows. Any kind of theft would result in significant loss of revenue as well as the reputation of that media organization. Security is more crucial for a media organization were the change is driven completely by the change in consumer preferences and expectations. Digital transformation in every organization is like a digital journey therefore the need to go digital is like business imperative.”


“We have a standard security system and number of options to make our systems secure. We see security activation in three different perspective. First is these Infrastructure, second is the Data, and the third one is the People who are operating in the entire framework. These things are really important to us and we need to focus from three different angles. If any dimension is left out then the security vulnerability will exist with equal intensity for everyone.”


“Being in the industry of insurance from last 10 years, I think security with the BFSI industry and insurance is quite critical.

Insurance industry is a treasure trove of all customer data, the maximum customer data any business consumes to give a product is insurance. The banking business also doesn’t consume so much of personal data of a customer then what the insurance industry consumes. The insurance industry has opened up new channels and the B2B and B2C connections that have created holes in the firewalls. You need to have a lot of strong security measures, you cannot become digital and at the same time loosen your security focus”.


“In this today’s day and age were security is increasingly becoming the stepping stone and the core for adopting as well as securing the data information. What one ignores is the human element who are involved in all breaches and all hacking attempts. All the customer’s information, data and security are the biggest challenge that we face today. We make sure that we get the human element checked and train those employees to make sure that they don’t know not leave any backdoor entry open for any hacking attempts or any beach to happen”


“If we talk about security then it is more objective than subjective . I come from a paint industry where our main ingredient is our paint recipe. If we are not manufacturing in enough quantity and we have to outsource the paint from some other vendors then we have to share our recipe with them. It is very important for any organization that their product to remain protected and there comes to the security in the picture. It is very important to protect your organization, their data and make the business full

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