DQ-CMR BES Rank 9:Zensar Technologeis

As a new entrant, Zensar scores can be called impressive as it entered the top 10 in the 2,000 plus employee category. The company’s lesser scores revolved broadly around training and appraisals and the employees asked for more transparency and relevance in training. The company’s HR head says that in the last few months Zensar had focused aggressively on these areas and next year its position on these parameters will go up significantly because of the concerted efforts the management is making. For instance the appraisal system is getting more robust and training well thought out and relevant, as per the needs and requirements of the employees.

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Specifically on the appraisal, it has transitioned to a role based KRA from a work based KRA fixation. That said, on the upper side, the company managed to secure good scores on aspects like exciting growth opportunities, empathy factor and overall positive work environment.

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