DQ-CMR BES Rank 2: Rolta India

The biggest strength for Rolta revolves around compensation and its ability to create a sense of work ethics that fosters great professional and personal accomplishment. This coupled with a transparent appraisal system did the trick. With perfect scores on these parameters, Rolta managed to retain its #2 slot. The company’s aggressive focus on the domestic business
led to good performance and helped it to compensate its employees well. This also resulted in the company investing more on HR related activities leading to good scores.

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Rolta needs to concentrate a little more on perks, benefits and training. Sawarkar says that he is surprised on the training score because Rolta has dedicated training centers in Gurgaon and looks closely at the training needs of each and every employee. Rolta did put out an impressive show that proves its consistency, and with little more effort on aspects like motivating its employees to speak out more freely in meetings and fostering closer relations with superiors Rolta can bounce back to the #1 position

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