Dot Desi appoints Om Thoke as Indian Brand Ambassador to focus on Desi Bloggers

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Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman

Dot Desi, unique domain extension platform - bringing ‘.desi’ websites as a perfect marketing tool for different brands originating from the Indian sub-continent. This  was launched with an aim to connect desi individuals, businesses and charities from around the world; to promote desi culture around the globe; and to impact emerging markets within the South Asian market and globally.


According to Ravin Ohri, CEO and co-founder, .Desi, “It’s an alternative vehicle for desis to express themselves and be recognized worldwide. There is nothing else like it anywhere. We want .desi to serve as a platform, desis all around the world can use to collaborate.”

Desi has recently appointed their new Brand Ambassador from India- Om Thoke, who has been into blogging and digital marketing industry since 2005. After having successfully established Webfosys Group, an end-to-end web development and digital marketing agency with presence in US, UK, Singapore, Dubai, India, and Middle East, Om is further leveraging as a way to pay-back to the desi blogger community.

Previously, Om has served as their Global Hosting guide for 5 years, and he has extensive experience in building communities, and driving sales through affiliate marketing models for big brands. According to Om “.desi is the best pick for anyone who has affinity towards desi lifestyle and culture. Commercial entities as well as individuals will benefit from this extension as it’s a great platform for them to establish their online presence and offer products and services to the desi community, locally and globally.. The proud desi young professionals and especially the youth who wish to embrace their identity will find it to be highly appealing to own a .desi website or email address.”

With rapidly evolving digital marketplace across the Indian subcontinent in the coming few years, combined with the cultural renaissance for all the desi things, .desi domain seems to be the right choice for the ‘desi’ websites. Use either a new .desi website to stand out from the competition or else use a .desi extension to augment the current .com or other extension. Either way, it’s the best way to get immediate brand recognition and brand recall in a cluttered marketplace!

Desi Bloggers World is also hosting a meetup for Mumbai Bloggers & Digital Marketers on April 16, where all attendees will be offered .desi domains at just 99 cents.

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