Dorf Ketal adopts Oracle Sales Cloud to boost their sales pipeline

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Dorf Ketal

Dorf Ketal, a global chemical manufacturer, has adopted Oracle Sales Cloud to streamline and enhance its sales processes. Oracle Sales Cloud boasts to offer a complete sales automation solution that gives sales and operations teams the tools they need to close the revenue gaps without surprises, compromises, or hidden costs. Oracle does this as part of a complete and integrated solution designed to enhance the customer experience (CX) at every customer touch point including sales, service, marketing, commerce, and social channels.


Oracle Sales Cloud provides enterprise visibility to Dorf Ketal that lets them report across locations and divisions. It also enables them to measure salesforce effectiveness through multiple KPIs, which include activities, time to close, forecast accuracy etc. Leads get quicker responses from field representatives as they have access to information anywhere at any time.

Prior to adoption of Oracle Sales Cloud, the CRM systems at Dorf Ketal could not scale per organizational requirements and had user adoption issues. The sales pipeline was unable to offer insights and ad hoc forecasting was inaccurate. Moreover, manual sales activity tracking was not effective enough to measure the sales pipeline progress which in turn did not allow the opportunity for appropriate coaching. The lack of a mobile solution with their prior CRM solution did not account for sales representatives who were constantly on the move like Oracle Sales Cloud does today. To overcome all these challenges Dorf Ketal procured Oracle Sales Cloud in February, 2013.

Oracle Sales Cloud provides Dorf Ketal a 100% improvement of lead tracking and creates a unified response to their customers through a 360-degree view available to the sales representatives. Better customer visibility and informed coaching increases win rates, and also enhances transparency through the entire sales process, from lead sourcing to closing opportunities. Oracle’s superior solution enables 99% forecast accuracy enabling greater insight against KPIs, 100% user adoption and productivity through mobile applications allowing smartphone, tablet as well as Outlook integration.

“Oracle is observing traction across sectors and the partnership with Dorf Ketal goes to show the depth of our business including the chemical industry. By increasing business opportunities for them, Oracle Sales Cloud enhances productivity and adds ease to the lives of their sales representatives. Customer profitability has always remained pivotal to Oracle. With Oracle Sales Cloud, Dorf Ketal increases pipeline visibility and thus leads to a rise in customer win rate. Dorf Ketal will also witness improved adoption and higher productivity using mobile, tablet and Microsoft Outlook integration,” said Niraj Kaushik, Vice President, Applications Business, Oracle India.

“With Oracle Sales Cloud we are able to achieve increased visibility of opportunity pipeline in the business, analyze the buyers’ buying trends, improving cross-sell and upsell opportunities, better user adoption with simple to use Applications,” said Seshadri Viswanathan, Vice President – Information Technology, Dorf Ketal.

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