DLF Launches Cyber Hub 2.0 with Huber

DLF has reintroduced its eating and entertainment destination CyberHub as CyberHub 2.0 with Huber- AI based application, with over a dozen new brands, more retail outlets, digital applications and a virtual concierge.

According to Harshvardhan Singh Chauhan, Head of Central Marketing – DLF Shopping Malls, Huber is an artificial intelligence based application which would help in navigating through the physical space while adding to the ‘discoverability’ of the property for the customers through mobile phones.

Huber is designed to be visitors companion at CyberHub.  Huber can help you plan your visit to CyberHub, so you can make the best out of it.  The “virtual concierge” can answer questions like “where is ladies night tonight”, “any live performance today”, to “where to eat best butter chicken”.  It can also answer generic questions like store hours, restaurant location, specialty, cuisines, recommended dishes, ratings, latest reviews, daily promotions etc.

Huber is powered with an AI engine at the backdrop, so it will keep learning to offer a very personalized recommendation every time you talk to it.  In coming months, Huber will also be able to help guests join a virtual queue at restaurants in CyberHub, reserve a table for them, even allow guests to call a waiter or place an order straight away through the virtual concierge.

Finally to engage and entertain the guests, the virtual concierge will soon be offering a “Royalty Program,” stressing on the fact that people don’t want to be loyal, they want to feel royal.  Every time a guest engages with the virtual concierge and takes its help to book a table, join a queue, provide feedback, or simply play games and quizzes, they will earn what is called as “Royalty Points” and get badges for recognition.  These badges will open up a royal experience for them at our partner merchants.  Royal badge holders will not only be given special treatment at our partner merchants, but will also be given special privileges to make them feel special. The Royalty Program and the virtual concierge is powered by Social Recharge, a royalty management product by Social Cloud Ventures Pvt Ltd, CyberCity, Gurgaon.

“The virtual concierge is visible both in digital and physical world, allowing people to connect and engage with us without installing any new app in their mobile phones. The prime technical edge of this technology offers  – Zero space consumption on handset memory, extremely low data packet usage and phi-gital (physical + digital) acquisition,” Chauhan said.

The concierge is empowered to answer in natural language with real-time data curated by content team via multiple registered retailers on one single platform. Virtual Concierge will offer – discoverability, engagement and utility services with a connected backend ecosystem.

The company has adopted messenger as the platform for their concierge for the following reasons:

  1. Ability to engage with people in physical world digitally (aka phygitally) via SmartCodes.  This allows the concierge to be Omnipresent for the guests wherever they are.
  2. No installs required.The Virtual Concierge can exist right within your already installed FB Messenger. So it saves both space and time to install a new app for the guests.
  3. Highly interactive and engaging native interface on Facebook Messenger.

With the relaunch of Cyber Hub 2.0, retail or ‘mall’ platforms will transform to a combination of physical and artificial intelligence guided digital exposure.  This will help to discover and enhance the ‘Cyber Life’ of consumers and retailers alike.

“Cyberhub 2.0, with it’s vision to redefine the consumer experience and the ‘New Retail’, is committed to consistently innovate & simply consumer’s lives. With this pursuit, we are delighted to launch its revolutionary digital platform, ‘HUBER’ – ‘your own personal virtual concierge’ dedicated to #DiscoverCyberLife and make the consumer journey and experience seamless across his offline and online touch points,” he further added.

Chauhan concluded by saying that “we truly believe that Cyberhub 2.0 will not only disrupt the ‘social and community hangout’ experience, but also take the ‘New Retail’ journey for DLF for a seamless consumer experience to a next level which is an industry first.”

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