Disruption in business due to startups, frameworks and platforms

Dataquest ICT Awards and DQ Conclave this year was a disruptive event where we had biggest IT renowned people.

Pradeep Chakraborty
New Update

At the Dataquest Leadership Conclave held at New Delhi’s Hyatt Regency on June 8, Pradeep Gupta, Chairman, CyberMedia Group, gave an industry overview. 


We have seen many major changes since December 1982. One of them was the introduction of IT. That also brought about a sea-change in almost all of the businesses. The next change was the introduction of PCs. We also launched PC Quest. 

You also had a device in everybody's hands. And then, there was the Internet. A new set of apps started coming in. Next came the mobile phone! This was followed by cloud and related technologies. Now, we are seeing next-gen technologies. There will be complete transformation across each and every business in the future. The change will take place across all levels.

Another big change has been in terms of disruption in business models. It is because of two different factors. One, startups, and two, frameworks and platforms. UPI created a change in BFSI. New technologies came in. Major boost was also given to FinTech. Startups are also disrupting. There are already more than 40 startups and unicorns this year.

The theme of the conclave was Let’s Transform at Scale with NeXtGen Tech and featured the 29th ICT Business Awards show.