DigitalOcean Enables Startups And SME’s in Telangana

DigitalOcean, the cloud computing platform for developers, conducted DigitalOcean Compass on 10th Feb 2018, at T-Hub, IIIT-H Campus partnering with Startup Byte and Nasscom 10,000 start-ups. The event focused on best practices and tips to manage and scale applications on the cloud. With the focus being on startups and SME’s, the event witnessed a host of entrepreneurs who spoke extensively about the importance of scalability, security and frameworks for choosing their tech stacks.

The event included sessions by Janakiram MSV (Cloud Expert), Umesh Thota (CEO – Authbase) and a panel discussion on “Technology decisions for building a scalable business” and the panelists included  Rohith Reddy (Founder & CEO – MTW Labs), Kishore Annapureddy, (CEO – Gamooga) and Shiladitya Mallik (Co-Founder & CBO – Mobillion Labs).

Speaking about the event, Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Director, India – DigitalOcean said, “From its inception, DigitalOcean has been focused on simplifying the cloud infrastructure experience for the developer community. Across all the products we have released spanning the pillars of Compute, Storage and Networking, we have maintained our core proposition of offering simple yet performant offerings. DigitalOcean Compass was curated to provide a platform for businesses and the developer community in Telangana to learn about the latest technology trends and best practices. We will continue to collaborate with partners and contribute to the development of the startup and developer ecosystem in Telangana”.

Some of the key highlights of the event were:

  •  Janakiram MSV’s hands-on session focused on deploying and scaling microservices with Kubernetes: an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.
  • Janakiram helps businesses take advantage of emerging technologies and is also an adjunct faculty at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H)
  • Vivek Sridhar, Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean highlighted best practices to  manage databases in production environments
  • Through the panel discussion, the audience learnt interesting insights around the latest tech stacks being used, the criteria used to adopt a tech stack, pitfalls to avoid and also best practices around hiring tech talent.
  • Umesh Thota (CEO of Authbase) spoke about Security best practices that developers should adopt while building applications

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