digital transformation

Digital transformation will help re-imagine how we do business

A lot of data has now come into being. There has been regular analysis and analytics of data. Digital transformation is now at its peak.

Ms. Aparna Gupta, MD, Evolve Digitas, said that digital transformation is inevitable. This area requires a high degree of innovation and we are doing everything we can to provide opportunities to our people to up-skill and re-skill themselves in this high demand areas.

She added that with digital technology on our side, we have the chance to re-imagine how we do business and engage our customers.

Companies are taking a step back and revisiting everything they do, from internal systems to customer interactions both online and in person. They’re doing everything they can to build a more personalized experience with the customers.

It has also reshaped how companies approach customer service. Earlier, companies waited for customers to find them, whether in person or by calling a number. Today, the rise of social media has changed service much like it’s changed advertising, marketing, and even sales and customer service.

Progressive companies embrace social media as a chance to extend their service offerings by meeting customers on their platforms of choice.

That being said, real transformation will come when we look at all available technologies.


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