Digital transformation for us, means the transformation of our people, our processes, and our customers and re-establishing ourselves on new and virtual grounds

—Bhausaheb Patil, Director, Operations, Sakal Media Group
Bhausaheb Patil

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

Sakal Media Group (SMG), belong to the Regional Media world, Print is our integral part. With the spread of internet access to urban, semi-urban and now the rural and remote areas, creating our “Digital Presence” that too in Marathi, our regional language has been seen as an important objective  since 2012, we have intensified our efforts towards total digitization since 2013.There are numerous changes that we have brought about in our organization since and have been steadily progressing toward.

Digital transformation for us, means the transformation of our people, our processes, and our customers and reestablishing ourselves on new and virtual grounds. We are very clear that there is no single set of plans and strategies available to us. Over the period of time, we have tried and tested different plans and strategies in our efforts to move closer to our deliverables.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in?

We have a two-pronged strategy. One is a complete digital transformation of our organization and thus creating the most cost-effective and efficient Newspaper print technology within the available resources and two creating and establishing our own space and branding online that too in Marathi, our regional language.

Newspaper print technology and the automation of the entire workflow by implementing ‘MYSAP’, which includes automating and integrating OneVision software, PPI, Garcia Media, Pre flight software, for all functions across all locations.

Creating and establishing our own space and branding online would mean that we will have to consciously and steadily introduce and sustain our customer on our digital platforms and also effortlessly work towards new customer acquisition so that we can successfully build the base of our Digital Media House which is equipped to provide 360° Media solution.

Our success story has been published by Facebook in December 2017. This was a successful experiment in which we have tried to get hyper-local content (text and video) in Marathi on Facebook. We have also been recognized by WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards for our “Best Social Media Engagement” Initiative in September 2017.

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