Digital transformation can be started at any level depending on the technological maturity

—SHIBIN CHULLIPARAMBIL Head – IT, Mafatlal Industries
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Mafatlal Industries offer the widest range of high-quality fabrics. With the OEKO-TEX Quality Certification and the ISO  001:2008 series of quality standards, we have been able to continuously meet the ever-shifting needs of our consumer 

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

Perceptions in going digital are different for different individuals and so is for different organizations (within the same industry as well). I believe Digital transformation can be started at any level depending on the technological maturity of the organization. Digital for us means to start thinking of moving away from legacy practices and systems to better industry standard practices and meaningful systems which will enable us to have the robust internal process and help us serve our customers better.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or are already coming in?

Our Digital transformation journey has begun from the very basics where we have already invested heavily into the upgrades of our end computing devices, networking infrastructure, servers and storage, moving into NGFW, ERP and application upgrades, retiring legacy apps, etc. By building a secure and more reliable infra we have paved our path to venture into the digital world.

We will now start looking at projects which will help us drive our business in more efficient ways by leveraging the existing capacities. This could be achieved with an insight into the available data by analytics. Automation of manual process wherever possible could be the starters, warehouse management, operating through barcoding process, look at IoT for Manufacturing sites and preventive maintenance, etc. Evaluation of how cloud computing will help us is also up on the cards. The laundry list is huge however what will convert into reality and what will be pushed forward will only be decided as we progress and also will depend on what value addition will the initiative bring to the table.

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