Digital transformation accomplishes a much larger objective of delivering a superior experience to the customer

—Saurabh Chandra CIO & Founding Team Member, OneAssist
Saurabh Chandra

OneAssist is founded with a vision to provide a ubiquitous platform for assistance and protection services to customers 

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organisation?

OneAssist has subscription plans for protection of mobiles, wallets and home appliances. One of the most used service is the smartphone damage protection service. OneAssist manages the end to end service process for the consumer starting from phone pick up from his doorstep, repair at an Authorized Service Center, settlelement with Insurance and delivery back to doortstep.

Going digital means:

  • Removing friction of calls, follow ups, data requests among people
  • Bringing in transparency into service delivery process. Customer gets to see what we do.
  • Establishing Trust by placing the power in the hands of consumers
  •  Providing customers with shortcuts to decision making and swift actions
  • Lowering costs, reducing risks and increasing benefits, thereby creating more value

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in?

Digital Transformation does not simply mean digitizing an existing process. It accomplishes a much larger objective of delivering a superior experience to customer by placing the needs of the consumer first. It is based on the philosophy of going digital, as outlined in point above. OneAssist takes a 2 pronged approach to Digital Transformation.

Digitizing the entire value chain of service delivery, thereby bringing reliability in service to consumers. Without doing so, it is practically impossible to deliver a superior customer experience. Empowering consumers to live a self-serve life. To this effect, main deliverables revolve around putting all the information consumers seek on their fingertips, be it raising requests to seeing the status of service delivery, well supported by regular notification mechanisms.

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