Digital provides immense opportunities to optimize operations within the organization

—Sophia Manivel CIO, Cummins India
Sophia Manivel

On Going Digital…

Going digital is an imperative for business success in today’s fast-changing world. Digital strategy is a key component of any organization’s business strategy. To me, it is about unleashing the power of technology to accelerate the success of the business using Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and IoT. Key drivers of digital are the speed with which it is emerging and the breadth of coverage provided with connected systems, high computation power, all leading to a variety of digital services and new business models.

Over the decades we have built a foundation of transactional systems, workflows, data and people capabilities. In the era of digitalization, we need to build on this foundation to deliver digital solutions that are customer-centric, userfriendly, easily accessible, adaptable, predictable which enable data-driven decision making.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or are already coming in?

At Cummins India, our digital strategy currently involves delivering digital solutions which focus on products, customer, and operations. To provide a rich customer experience, we are working on Telematics Solutions, Remote Diagnostics capabilities, and Mobility Applications. We recently launched the ‘Cummins Care’ mobile app which makes it easy for our customers to raise service requests and obtain real-time updates. We are also looking to mobile-enable our field force. Telematics will help with predictive maintenance and increased uptime resulting in improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Digital provides immense opportunities to optimize operations within the organization as well. We are working on Industrial IoT initiatives related to asset monitoring, resource utilization, automated compliance and quality control. We are exploring the use of immersive technologies in training, Bots to automate operations and image processing with AI capabilities.

Two key enablers to the digital transformation are adopting a bimodal approach to delivery and developing  the right talent, in which we have made significant headway.  These are exciting times and the possibilities are immense.

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