Digital is not a destination or a goal, but an ongoing journeyGoing

—Sarbani Bhatia Sr. Vice President, IT, Jagran Prakashan
Sarbani Bhatia

My take on Digital…

Going Digital means IT grows beyond business,as usual. It is not a destination or a goal, but an ongoing journey that evolves along the way. While ensuring core operations are in place, a new progressive vision is envisaged and a long term technology roadmap is defined for the enterprise taking into consideration customer requirements and business goals on the one hand, and understanding emerging technology trends,new products and services being offered, on the other.

It implies a smooth transition and change in culture and mindset all across the organisation rather than isolated and disparate technology initiatives. It would include:

  • Building an agile infrastructure which allows seamless integration of platforms, devices, systems, processes and people
  • Re-visiting of exisiting business processes to design end-to-end real time, efficient, dynamic and well aligned workflows
  • Breaking functional silos in the organisation and fostering Cross-functional collaboration
  • Using actionable insights through Analytics and Data driven decision making across the organisation
  • Maximising Business Outcomes by leveraging the benefits of the latest technologies which can be implemented in the enterprise such as AI, Robotics,IOT, Cloud et al.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in?

At Jagran Prakashan, we have created an ecosystem that drives the digital transformation with a clear purpose and vision. Pursuing opportunities presented by the digital transformation process is a challenge which is being met with great enthusiasm by IT as it gets to play a bigger, wider and more prominent role. A Technology platform that unifies functions, people, processes and devices provides an intuitive, self-serviced and collaborative interface.Organisational silos are getting evened out. IT and Marketing have formed a working alliance to deliver meaningful solutions for customer engagement and revenue enhancement. Online workflows are seamlessly integrated and are accessible round the clock from anywhere, without any limitation on device or usage.

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