Digital means Simplification, Automation, and Transformation of everything in the organization

—Anjani Kumar Global CDO (Chief Digital Officer), Collabera
Anjani Kumar

Going Digital- what does it mean to you and your organization?

Digital is a word which everybody is fascinated but when elaborated it means different things to different people  and organizations. For us, Digital means Simplification, Automation, and Transformation of everything in the organization. In our cases, digital agenda covers both business process as well as technology process. Digital Teams work closely with Executive Management, Core Business, and technology teams to achieve agenda in sprints. The interesting part is – our users are equally excited and participating in our digital Initiatives. Even though our Focus for Digital initiative started with customers, now everybody in the ecosystem is being looked at and plan is to take their experience to next level.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in?

In our case, we have looked at each of the functional areas and have defined the roadmap, the journey, and milestone for areas. We are pretty bullish on Mobility, Analytics, AI including machine Learning & NLP (Natural Language Processing). Recently we have rolled out several Mobile Applications and those are serving as a platform to roll out features which will be next level of experience for the customer as well as the internal stakeholder. We being in Workforce & HR domain, NLP is key to get meaningful information from even fairly structured as well as unstructured documents. Using these information and historical data, machine learning can reduce a time for our recruiters as well as get them the right fit candidate in lesser time. AI-based Bots is another area where we are looking for automation. Currently, our website already hosts AI-powered Bot. So we expect even more robust mobile platform powered by AI and insights which makes our employees much more efficient. From customers interaction perspective, they can expect more channels for them and pretty much context based.

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