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Digital marketing trends: What the future holds

India being the second most densely populated countries in the world is expected to have 469 million users of mobile phone by the end of 2021 as it has become a basic need for everyone. When we talk about digital marketing in India, the future holds only an increase in demand and scope for the industry. Considering the current pandemic situation, with every business swiftly shifting to online marketing, it has created ample employment opportunities for people. Digital marketing is not only important for business but also is an imperative tool for the SMB sector.

The current crisis has not only forced the masses to engage in the virtual world distancing from physical interactions. It is vital for a business to leverage this opportunity and act upon their online marketing strategies to generate leads in a robust manner with social media platforms and digital arenas.

With a changing consumer behavior pattern and expectations, consumers have adopted the digital way compelling the industry to change its approach from traditional to digital. Catching attention and connecting with today’s tech-savvy audience has posed a challenge for many businesses, however, implementing the right marketing approach can help tackle these challenges. With the marketing landscape undergoing a tech transformation, its future looks significantly different from its present standing, let us highlight the key trends that will shape the coming time:

Artificial intelligence approach

Becoming more central in the day-to-day digital world, AI will become a favored trend and new norm for a marketing strategy, main reason being its accurate ability to analyze consumer behavior and lead to a better, more interactive and personalized experience.

One of the recent examples that AI has been offering today is the use of chatbots. When a visitor lands on a website, chatbot pops up so for a guided experience.

Video marketing: the new way forward

Videos have become an increasingly popular and preferred way of communication for content consumption. According to the marketing statistics 87% of marketing professionals use video as their primary marketing tool. From storytelling, entertaining to engaging with the customers, an effective video content does it all for a brand.

With the launch of YouTube in 2008, video marketing in India gained momentum a decade ago; from Instagram, Snapchat to Facebook these social media platforms are aiding a helping hand to many brands for gaining brand recognition and building brand value.

Prioritizing user experience (UX)

Great customer experience comes with great advantages for your brand; user experience is the account of every interaction and the perceptions of the business among its audience which can be good, bad or neutral. It is crucial for a business to consider UX as an essential part of their marketing and communication strategy as it plays a major role in fueling the brand’s success because a happy customer eventually becomes a loyal customer.

Voice search

Voice search is changing the face of online marketing and has become an imperative tool for a business with customers seeking convenience while browsing. The widespread adoption of voice search technology, has forced the marketing professionals to switch their marketing methods to the way of optimizing websites to rank targeted keywords.

With an ever-evolving landscape, it is safe to anticipate stronger and innovative digital marketing trends emerging time and again. Businesses need to figure out ways to keep themselves relevant, visible and engaged based on this new kind of consumer behavior with Digital at its core, as it will remain the most powerful way of marketing in the future. Not only adapting these changes, but also anticipating and implementing them in advance will give you an edge over your competitors and emerge victorious in this highly competitive industry.

By Jay Rathod, Founder, Goal2Learn


  1. Lisa George

    Sound interesting, because trends are going quickly in the field of digital marketing, as you can see. In 2020, among the most influential trends will be technology, film, voice search, and interactive content.

  2. Lisa George

    Sound interesting, because trends are going quickly in the field of digital marketing, as you can see. In 2020, among the most influential trends will be technology, film, voice search, and interactive content.

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