Key IT Spending Areas FY 2018-19:

Overhauling and upgrade of Tally’s Enterprise Ecosystem spanning across all our stakeholders – Customers, Partners, and Tallywalas

– Cloud Computing – The core principal that Tally is following is to migrate all workloads to Cloud. Hence we have worked tirelessly to Design, Implement, Migrate and Manage IT infrastructure & Applications to Cloud.
– Data Analytics – We believe Data is the key to success hence how do we enable/empower all our stakeholders/business with data and insights. We have invested heavily in building data Analytics platform and applications to provide the same from top management to sales filed person to our partners.
– Digital Transformation – Enable Business Process Automation across the entire organization to bring about efficiency in each and every process/functionality like Digital sales, Dynamic Business Modelling, Process Improvement for faster Goto Market.
– Employee Productivity Tools – Improving the productivity of each and every employee is the key to achieving better results and lower costs. For us Continuity of work for TallyWalas on the go hence this section requires a focused investment and efforts. Tools like integrated communication systems, data access, Apps for day to day needs with planning and workflows etc have been deployed globally.

5 Key Solutions Deployed in 2017-18:

To drive our business by leveraging technology – is the single-minded vision

– Cloud Migration
– Mobility
– Digital Expansion/Transformation
– Unified Communication Architecture
– Integrated Call Center Solutions

What does Digital mean for you?
– Connected real-time from anywhere at any time.
– Optimal use of Technology to solve problems, build efficiency and enhance productivity

Name 3 Best practices for aligning IT with new normal business demands? (50 Words)

– Be the business drivers when it comes to Go-To-Market.
– Be the business engine when it comes to the product.
– Not Technology First, but Technology adapting to business needs

What is that one key message you would like to give to IT vendors?
– Be genuine in your product offering & Don’t oversell what you can’t deliver.

Significant milestones as CIO (current and past roles):
Current Role
– Making Zero-downtime as the standard practice for any IT Service/Infrastructure, no matter what service providers SLA’s are.
– Leveraging Cloud platform/computing for Enterprise Systems
– Architecting Enterprise Applications to run at low cost with improved efficiency and speed.

Previous Role
– Breaking the standard benchmark in Payment transactions to an average of 2 sec from 5 to 8 seconds
– Business process Engineering by Automating Manual steps in Payment Terminals from Configuration to deployment reducing time to deploy from 5 days to less than 5 hours.
– Bringing Technology in B2C Entertainment space for the first time in India and setting trends/benchmarks for others to follow. This is revolutionized the way people started returning back to Cinemas.
• Real-Time inventory websites – the first to offer seat selection and sale of tickets from a website in real time basis. The key essence was a Zero-defect sale.
• Mobile apps – People could purchase tickets & food using mobile apps again first for the industry
• Biometric solutions for occupancy percentage based on seating capacity in movie theatres
• Wallets – Introduced Wallet payments for the time in the industry, again becoming a game changer and paving the way in terms of technology, processes, data security for wallet companies/brands to flourish in the years to follow.
• Ticket dispensing POS Systems and Kiosks where a movie-goer could purchase tickets on their Credit Cards
• Introduced India’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) based payments on Mobile wherein a user could simply touch his/her mobile and make the payment


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