Digital leader 2018: Vishal Gupta: INDRAPRASTHA APOLLO HOSPITALS

Vishal Gupta, Head –IT


Heading: The business strategies and approaches of the past era are becoming redundant

Information Technology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals boasts of a Tier 3 Data Centre comprising of 500+ TB SAN Storage and more than 50 bare metal servers managed by a fully functional team comprising of End User Support, Innovations & new projects, Network and datacenter management.


Organ Transplant Management System (OTMS): This is a unique solution which has been designed in collaboration with our clinical experts wherein once a patient is advised to undergo an organ transplant, along with the donor and the next of kin, their biometrics such as fingerprints, iris scan, and basic demographics are captured against a unique case id. A scanned copy of the relevant identification documents of the recipient and the donor are also captured. Depending upon the relationship between the recipient and the donor and other relevant factors a checklist process is completed which further generates a pre-filled copy of all documentation which is required thus automating the process, reducing human intervention, enhancing the effective outcome in terms of standardization and quality. The process further involves a few stages wherein the case is reviewed from different aspects and at each stage, the recipient and the donor are verified against the captured biometrics and a verification report is generated. At all stages, relevant stakeholders are auto-notified over the email. E-Signed Discharge Summaries

Porter Management System:  Porter Management, one of the projects recently implemented at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals is a very unique initiative. In present times when the services are adjudged on various parameters the promptness with which it reaches our patients is of primary importance. Porter management has enabled the staff at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals to raise a request from any terminal for a porter to transport the patient from one location to another. Moreover, the solution also enables the requester to track the porter’s location ensuring transparency and compliance with the turnaround time for service delivery, hence reducing delays.

Tele Stroke ICU:  This is a very unique initiative by Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. The biggest enabler, of course, is technology, which enables neuro stroke-related cases to be addressed by an expert consultant within the golden period of the first 20 minutes. Many smaller hospitals/ nursing homes are connected with the central system at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. When a patient arrives at any of these locations, the CT scan and other reports can be uploaded through a high-speed link for review by an expert consultant in the central office to see and prescribe the initial medication. And that can be very crucial to saving a precious life. As of now, there are 50 such locations connected in the periphery of 300 Kms in and around Delhi NCR, which is expected to grow and spread with time.

Digital EMR : With the push towards digitization and recent mandates from national and international governing bodies, it has become inescapable for the healthcare sector to effectively adopt electronic medical records. At Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, the process of recording patient vitals, clinical history, prescribed treatment, and other such information has been effectively digitized right from OPDs to in-patient wards enabling better and effective patient management. Dynamically combining the best of clinical experience and information technology is helping us deliver world-class healthcare with an added advantage of insight through embedded analytics.


The business strategies and approaches of the past era are becoming redundant, with that every business and its leadership needs to pay adequate attention to the inevitable phenomenon of going digital. There is no escaping the fact that it is no longer a choice for most of the industries and sectors today.
For me, the core strategic relevance of digital is to deliver ground-breaking solutions to deliver enhanced patient care experience. At the infrastructural level, it is working, digitizing and automating back-end office processes which help in gaining in efficiency and productivity by allowing the resources to gain relevant competencies.

Name 3 Best practices for aligning IT with new normal business demands?

There is no one-size-fits-all map for success and each step of the business transformation process should be carried out with open communication, flexibility, and transparency. Change is the only constant, be it life or business. In this dynamic landscape, all businesses, whether small start-ups or large organizations, at some point or another, need to change their strategies and vision and go through the transformation process to stay alive and relevant by aligning people, processes and technology. Although change has been a part of businesses for long, it is the speed of change that has rendered transformation as an important and integrated business function. What took radio 38 years to reach a user base of 50 million people was achieved by television within 13 years and internet in just five years. Today, the challenge is the speed of transformation and all organizations have to gear up to face it and come on tops of it.


As an IT Head, I believe, the relationship with a vendor is working like with a more of Partner perspective and security indeed is one of the paramount considerations in any of the IT Projects.


In my current and past roles, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and deliver large-scale IT projects in the healthcare domain. Presently, As the IT Head of one of India’s largest multispecialty healthcare facility, the responsibility of leading the digital transformation journey from the forefront in itself is exciting. Some of the significant milestones achieved in my current role:
• Paperless Nursing Stations
• Uberization of Porters
• EMR Adoption







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