Digital Equipment

Bangalore-based 51% subsidiary of Compaq has performed exceptionally well
since it sold its hardware business to the parent company and focused only on
software services. As a result, Digital moves up from #41 last year to #13 and
is quietly working towards a Top 5 slot. The company reported revenues of Rs
184.26 crore in the year ended March 2001, up 125% over the previous close. Its
net profit in the same period stood at Rs 54.32 crore, up 95%, while gross block
at Rs 42.71 crore was up 91%. Digital was ranked at #6 in sales growth, #22 in
profit growth and #15 in gross block growth. Its ROCE stood at 35%, placing it
at #10 in the rankings, even as it jumped from #41 to #13 in the overall
rankings. Digital provides services in the areas of e-application, systems
integration, enterprise solutions, e-infrastructure and telecom. The company has
expanded its capacity in Bangalore and is making efforts to decrease its
dependence on its parent company–Compaq Its business model remains strong,
which is evident from the growth it has reported in the past six quarters. With
the company expected to continue with its splendid growth run, it is all set to
become one of the top-rung software services companies in the country.

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