—KAMAL SHARMA Virtual CIO & IT Strategist, Jay Kuling Group of Companies and Board Advisor StudioOne
Kamal Sharma

Going Digital- what does it mean to you and your organization?

Across industries potential and necessity of going digital has been realized by leadership fraternity to stay relevant in the business since business priorities are now shifting completely to customer focus. We have witnessed the shift in emphasis now from adapting to digital to being digital. Being digital empowers you with dynamic reach to customers, great customer experience, organizational agility, improved decision making, enhanced operational efficiency and business/consumer-focused innovations. Being digital is all about Technology, people and process working together in collaboration capturing unified Enterprise business value outcomes.

Going digital transforms the way organization connects to a consumer, deliver the value to the consumer and all the associated stakeholders. it also changes the way of doing business from the historical way to new and different ways.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in?

Technology leadership in this era of Agility will drive major transformation initiatives, We will be looking towards championing practices that will form the new operating model of the digital business. Practices such as agile development, data science, product management, portfolio management, and DevOps will be adapted to run digital transformation programs.

This year focus will be on transforming completely the existing legacy systems to digital platforms, Reengineer business processes, artificial intelligence powered automation for generic business processes, the inclusion of process robotics and migration to thecloud. As an Enterprise, we will explore the possibility for digitally enabled product and services keeping us in pace with consumer expectations. we will enable all business & support functions to become digitally mature and internationally competitive.All of our efforts calls out a dire need to look at the upscale opportunity at internal talent and skill base. We will do the required Re-haul on training and collaboration with business programs to achieve the desired outcomes.

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