The Digital economy has opened up new avenues for customers


Healthspring was founded with a vision of correcting our broken health delivery system where it matters most- at the entry level of care, which is “Primary Care” It encompasses a huge area at pre-hospital space right from care at home to respond today to day health care needs. This could be acute and chronic illnesses to more urgent and emergency medical situations.

The all-important Preventive care can only be dispensed and monitored effectively at a robust Primary Care System. A large section of our population working in Industrial complexes and Corporate Houses which are growing, need a robust Preventive Occupational Healthcare service and Industrial Hygiene at their on-site modern clinics.

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

Our organization’s goal is to individuals live better lives as such we see ourselves as Healthcare and Wellness provider. The Digital economy has opened up new avenues for customers to improve the quality of the lives and manage their medical condition directly with their caregivers. Going Digital for us means connecting our patients to their doctors through their preferred channel, supporting them with information and their personal health records, delivering wellness programs both at their workplace and home.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or are already coming in?

We have identified the following steps to achieving a transformation towards a future-ready organization:

  • Architect end to end customer experiences
  • Leverage the reach and scale of social media and cloud
  • Reduce costs of operation and healthcare outcomes through mobile apps In the journey, we expect to closely work with vendors in the Technology and Clinical space and bring best practices from their global implementations.

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