Digital disruption has become part of everyday life: CEO Caspar Technologies

Interview with Jacob M George, CEO, Caspar Technologies Pvt Ltd

iCubesPro is an omni-channel marketing platform that helps marketers to deliver personalized and one-to-one campaigns. The platform has been developed by Caspar Technologies, a growing Indian company based out of Cochin. Dataquest wanted to know more about the platform and spoke to Jacob M George, CEO, Caspar Technologies. Here are the excepts:

 What’s iCubesPro? What are the problems you are trying to address?

iCubesPro, the flagship product of Caspar technologies is an omni-channel growth marketing platform empowering marketers to deliver hyper personalized, contextual one-to-one campaigns harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence based predictive recommendations.

Major Product Takeaways:

-India’s first Innovative platform offering predictive intelligent recommendations into Email, Mobile and Web Recommendations.

-Website visits converted into loyal customers creating additional revenue by way of List Builder and Exit notifications.

-Omni-channel capabilities including emails, SMS, browser notifications and app notifications

– Inbuilt List Growth and Lead Gen Platform deeply integrated with the messaging platform.

-Triggered Conditional Messaging capabilities (email, SMS and browser push notifications)

-Machine Learning based Predictive Recommendations

-RSS-to-push notifications specifically for bloggers, publishers & content creators.

– Delivering near to  a billion customer interactions based on advanced Customer profiling & user Behaviour tracking and still counting.

Can you tell us about your customers? In what ways have you tried to solve the problems of your customers?

Many of our customers include companies from retail, e-commerce and media.

Jacob M George, CEO, Caspar Technologies

Though our platform has a greater inclination for online marketers with its rich and predictive productive recommendation capabilities, an equitable customer representation from verticals including education, insurance, hospitality and brick and mortar brands who want to explore the digital realms are also part of our customer portfolio.

We work with many of the leading business houses including the best brands from Tatas and Reliance.

Having worked with the top notch business houses, e-commerce ventures & start-ups in India, we spotted a challenge almost all of them faced -Compartmentalised digital activity by various departments leading to additional cost impacting the revenue & margins. For many corporates, the uncoordinated promotional activities (Multi-vendor dependency across multiple departments) end up in-excess and non-contextual communications. This often ends up in customer disengagement & higher customer iteration.

We anticipate the potential revenue lost when cumulatively assessed across enterprises which may run into millions of dollars.

We asked ourselves the following questions which eventually lead to the development of iCubesPro Growth Marketing  Platform

  • Why many marketers still rely on carpet communication model across multiple channels?
  • What are the hurdles before the marketer to tweak and prioritise the marketing communication specific to each channel?
  • What leads to Multi-vendor dependency in spite of this causing additional costs, operational challenges etc?
  • Are the marketers able to deliver the right message to the right customer through the right channel at the right time?

Machine learning has a pertinent role in addressing the above mentioned pain areas for the marketer. This realisation prompted us to harness the power of AI to enable seamless assimilation of data generated by multiple customer touch points and build powerful correlational value and recommend the best products that best suites digital marketers. iCubesPro is essentially a marketing technology platform with machine intelligence at its core, enabling brands to better understand and communicate with their customers by way of creating smart Omni-channel campaigns.

Hyper personalization and One-to-One contextual campaigns ensuring Multi-fold customer engagement & ROI uplift hence become a reality with iCubesPro, the SAAS based AI Powered Omni channel Growth Marketing platform.

What type of technology trends do you see in the market that will impact your customers?

Digital disruption has become part of our everyday life. Exploring and experimenting the potential of digital technology has leapt heights in the recent past and is continuing to do so at an ever growing pace. We at iCubesPro, being an excited member of this thriving journey, has been dealing with the same while trying to ensure better customer experience. With terms like hyper personalization and contextual content marketing seeping into the digital content arena, the impact of big data & artificial intelligence based machine learning systems has become ‘The words’ of the century. The marketing trends have taken up new characteristics as they are learning to grow accustomed to this recent phenomenon. Digital marketing is not based on intuitive user preferences or exaggerated marketing deals as it no longer appeals to the end users who are now in a position to demand personalised, relevant and smarter choices backed by specific and accurate facts and figures in order to have the privilege of gaining customer loyalty. Here is where precise data analysis and interpretation comes into action. Introduction of machine learning based predictive recommendations and triggered conditional messaging s being efficiently made use of by iCubesPro for the same reason.

iCubesPro prioritises not just improvement in the potentiality of  the  campaigns but also the necessity of keeping track of customer life cycle while paying attention to matters involving privacy, regulations concerned with spamming and even intricacies such as channel selection & relevancy which are things that matters a lot in this current era of digital marketing.

Highly automated yet non-intrusive customer growth models, as well as proper targeting of audience backed by precise segmentation & predictive recommendations, assures that  our customers enjoy the best-in class campaign experience with  us.

In what ways AI and Machine Learning are going to impact businesses in the near future? Is your organisation working on AI or ML in any way?

Let’s have a short review of the difference between AI & ML.

Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept wherein machines are able to carry out tasks in a fashion which can literally replicate what humans would do.

And, Machine Learning is the application of AI whereby machines get access to the data and develops the learning without any external human intervention.

AI is soon going to take the role as the face of the digital brand of your company and will become the key differentiator for organisations. AI and ML are inevitably creating a paradigm shift in the way corporates handles their digital promotions & content marketing strategies across channels either be it email, mobile notifications, social or the web.

AI is setting new standards in the fields of Email marketing, Creative services, Mobile marketing and marketing automation as well. Caspar technologies through its digital solutions has made clear-cut developments in these fields as a part of being both innovative and competitive in the email marketing and marketing automation world.

Here are some of our focused areas keeping in mind the upcoming trends:1) AI enabled Predictive Intelligent Emails & Push Notifications  have successfully proved to result in Revenue  & Order uplift of  100% or even  more

2)  AI enabled emails have helped companies bring down their customer churn rates by many folds. We have seen customer un-subscriptions and complain rates going down to marginal levels.

3) Segmentation and stratification of data are now done with AI enabled precision and   perfection. Data segmentation & targeting is no longer limited to demographics alone, but due weight age is assigned to user product affinity and similar customer behaviour and much more.

4) iCubesPro Rich & In-depth ML capabilities give the marketer the flexibility to choose the product recommendation logic by  prioritising the user ranking either based on  products purchased, viewed or added to the cart. In addition, a combination of these data points can be used to create highly precise SMART campaigns.

5) Customised recommendations no longer need personal attention as ML based marketing automation does that for you by analysing data and  user behaviour in real time enabling error free & personalised recommendations. Top-notch technology capabilities including Triggered conditional messaging, RSS to  push  notifications, InApp notifications, cMercury List builder & exit notifications with ML based recommendations in the core, makes Caspar  technologies the preferred Digital partner for many  leading business houses as well the Digital  platform of the future.

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