DevOps fuels richer collaboration : Somnath Nag, Alten Calsoft Labs

Excerpts from an interaction with Somenath Nag, Director – ISV & Enterprise Solutions, Alten Calsoft Labs on what’s the driving force behind DevOps.

What do you think are the key factors driving DevOps adoption across enterprises?
To remain competitive and to satisfy growing customer and business demands, enterprises today must be prepared to develop and release innovative, high-quality applications continuously. This needs a higher amount of collaboration between the Development and Operations team and also a tighter integration between developments and IT Ops processes. DevOps, the methodology that fuels richer collaboration between development and IT operations teams today, is helping both the development team to works collaboratively and an integrated way to achieve business objectives.

What does it mean for IT service providers?
DevOps opens up a new opportunity in IT Outsourcing. IT Service providers now can serve their customers with process consulting, license selling, platform implementation, customization and integration, and management of DevOps platform related services. We expect the niche players in the industry to build a strong practice around DevOps related service offerings. This also helps the IT service providers to improve their standing from service providers to solution providers as enterprises will always look for a DevOps solution rather than some point services.

Agility and collaboration forms the foundation for DevOps. How can IT service providers partner with clients to achieve these and help them succeed in their DevOps journey?
Since agility and collaboration are two main foundations of DevOps it is critical that both IT Service providers and clients must work hand in hand. A successful implementation and execution of DevOps methodology depends on understanding how the client’s Development team and IT Ops team collaborate and what kind of processes they follow. Similarly, to drive success it is important that client’s cultural aspects are factored in while implementing and executing the DevOps methodologies. Both these cannot be done without a strong collaboration between clients and IT Service providers.

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