Dell Makes Enhancements to Comprehensive Security Portfolio

Today at RSA, Dell announced new mobile security and network security updates and solutions designed to help businesses thrive and innovate while reducing risk. Dell also featured its innovative solutions with the world’s first 120 Gbps firewall demonstration, and highlighted multiple security awards from Info Security Products Guide, SC Magazine and NSS Labs.

“Threat landscape and advancements in IT infrastructure is growing relentlessly which is compelling organizations to reconsider their overall security strategy. Also, the number of entry points that cybercriminals use to penetrate corporate networks is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is recommended that companies deploy a stringent and multi-layered security solution that will give them an inside-out network protection.  Dell SonicWALL’s line of security appliances and solutions incorporates the broadest level of protection which helps organizations protect their network against both malicious and non-malicious threats.” Said Murli Mohan, Director & General Manager, Dell Software Group.

Secure Mobile Access Solutions

The Dell Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution increases mobile and remote-worker productivity, protects data from threats, and integrates with industry leading mobile management solutions. SMA also provides a secure end-to-end mobile management and security solution for BYO, CYO and managed devices. With the new SMA 11.2 release, the solution adds secure access to more resources using a standard HTML 5 browser, enabling intuitive access for most smartphones, tablets and laptop users and reduces reliance on Java and ActiveX components. In addition to existing support for HTML 5 browser access to RDP published applications and desktops, the new release adds HTML 5 browser access to Citrix Xendesktop and Xenapps ICA support. The new SMA 6200 and 7200 appliances also offer increased scalability, with the SMA 6200 entry platform supporting up to 2,000 concurrent users, while the new SMA 7200 mid-range platform supports up to 10,000 concurrent users.

Amit Singh, Country Manager, Dell SonicWALL said, “For businesses, it is more crucial now than ever before to use integrated and efficient security solution to protect against threats that may put their company at risk. We, at Dell SonicWALL, is committed to offering greatest levels of security solutions to organizations across environments. Receiving numerous global excellence awards and the coveted recommended rating from NSS labs stands as a testimonial to Dell’s best-in-class network security solutions.”


Ultra-high Performance Next-Generation Firewall

SSL decryption and inspection are critical NGFW capabilities required to effectively uncover malware deeply hidden inside encrypted web sessions and provide deeper perimeter network security. At RSA, Dell will collaborate with Array Networks and Spirent Communication to give the industry’s first demonstration of a highly-resilient, scalable, “Open Firewall Sandwich” layer 3 architecture. In this network design, the Dell SuperMassive NGFW with onboard SSL decryption can be incrementally deployed and horizontally scaled infinitely to address SSL performance loss and increase SSL decryption and inspection performance. The solution overcomes the challenges posed by the dramatic increase in secure web-based content and applications.

Also at RSA, Dell will be joined by Ixia in demonstrating a network-based model for scaling a NGFW that enables organizations to scale above 100 Gbps of deep packet inspection (DPI) performance while gaining network simplicity, highest security efficacy and N+1 resiliency. This “Firewall Sandwich” architecture will solve an enterprise’s most complex and demanding data center operations – all at a considerably low cost.


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