Dell EMC PowerStore breaks ground in storage infrastructure performance and flexibility

Dell EMC PowerStore is up to seven times faster, three times more responsive than previous Dell EMC midrange storage arrays

Dell Technologies recently announced Dell EMC PowerStore – a modern infrastructure platform built from the ground up with superior technology and expertise to address the challenges of the data era.

“Data visibility has become the top priority for majority of organizations. Therefore, to accelerate digital transformation, IT organizations must address their data needs by simplifying and automating their IT as well as by consolidating systems for greater control,” said Amit Luthra, director and GM – Data Centre Solutions, Dell Technologies India. “Our new PowerStore solution is our first product as a combined company which acts as a testimony of our unwavering commitment to support our storage portfolio. Dell EMC PowerStore’s unique features including datacentric design, intelligent automation and adaptable architecture will help customers address their storage challenges and help them deliver continued innovation.”

Modern Infrastructure for the Data Era

Organizations can accelerate decision making, data access and application performance with PowerStore, which is designed for six-nines (99.9999%) availability:

Any Workload: PowerStore simplifies IT infrastructure by supporting a wide range of traditional and modern workloads with its scale-up, scale-out architecture for block, file, and VMware vVols.

Performance Optimized: PowerStore is seven times faster and three times more responsive than previous Dell EMC midrange storage arrays, because of its end-to-end NVMe design and support for Storage Class Memory as persistent storage powered by dual-port Intel Optane SSDs.

Efficiency Without Compromise: Customers can save on IT budget and capacity with always-on deduplication, compression, and a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction.

Machine learning and intelligent automation allows for faster delivery of applications and services with up to 99% less staff time to balance volumes.

Programmable Infrastructure: Streamlines application development and reduces deployment timeframes from days to seconds, with VMware integration and support for leading management and orchestration frameworks including Kubernetes, Ansible, and VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

Autonomous Infrastructure: Built-in machine learning automates labor-intensive processes like initial volume placement, migrations, load balancing, and issue resolution.

PowerStore can be deployed as a storage option within Dell EMC PowerOne autonomous infrastructure, which accelerates an organization’s shift to cloud-like operations.

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