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[DeepTech Podcast] Is genome sequencing the future of cancer care and clinical studies?

Is genomics the frontier where we will win the battle against cancer? And what goes into building a genomics startup in India? What are the challenges along the way? To answer all these questions and more, this episode of DQ Deep Takes features Hitesh Goswami, Co founder and CEO of 4baseCare.

4baseCare, an Illumina Accelerator company, has developed a unique set of comprehensive genomic panels which allows oncologists to choose the optimal targeted therapy for their patients. Founded in 2018 the brainchild of Hitesh Goswami and Kshitij Rishi, 4BaseCare leverages and combines technological advances in both genomics and digital health to personalize patient care in oncology. The company aims to support technology to develop cutting–edge precision oncology solutions that are accessible and affordable for all patients and to make Precision Oncology as Standard of Care in Asia.

In this episode of DQ Deep Takes, Hitesh discusses the future of cancer care and clinical studies with genome sequencing. Hitesh also talks about the challenges associated with such a revolution in the DeepTech ecosystem and the necessary support that can change the game for genomics in India.

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