Deep learning video surveillance on the rise: Prama Hikvision

In conversation with Prama Hikvision, how surveillance industry is growing exponentially throughout the year. The data is useful for deep learning.

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Prama Hikvision

Prama Hikvision India Pvt Ltd is a division of Hikvision, the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. It specializes in video surveillance technology, and designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products.


The product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. Since its inception in 2001, Hikvision has quickly achieved a leading worldwide market position in the security industry.

Here, Ashish P. Dhakan, MD and CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt Ltd, tells us more about what it is doing in India, and the Indian video surveillance market. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: How are video surveillance systems going beyond surveillance and used for analytics?


Ashish P. Dhakan: Significant changes have shaped the security industry during the last decade, and more exciting innovations should be expected in the 2020s. Emerging technologies and applications – such as multi-dimensional perception, UHD (Ultra High Definition), low light imaging, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology – open new possibilities for the security industry. At the same time, millions of cameras and other security devices are being connected into networks, making the security industry a very important part of the future IoT world.

When it comes to delivering the insights for today’s organisation, Hikvision is a pioneer in security and beyond. Hikvision’s industry-leading video surveillance cameras and infrastructure solutions, engineered with AI technology integrate a range of tools to support smarter decision making, from people counting and facial recognition, to vehicle recognition and automated security alerts.

According to the latest Memoori Research report, AI technology will become mainstream. Significant improvements in AI video analytics software are making this possible. Over the next 10 years, it will become a standard requirement across video surveillance solutions. AI video analytics will be the number one game changer over the next 10 years in the video surveillance business, influencing the growth of most products that make up this business.


There is a new wave of video analytics, termed as deep learning video surveillance. Traditional video surveillance companies naturally see Deep Learning and AI as a feature to run off their existing products offering a way to both differentiate themselves and add further value to their products.

DQ: When it comes to crime prevention, how it is not only reducing crimes, losses and theft, but also fulfilling customer problems?

Ashish P. Dhakan: Video surveillance systems and technology have moved beyond crime prevention. Now, it is enablingbusiness intelligence solutions by resolving end customer issues. However, technologies like facial recognition, AI, deep learning, night vision, solar power integration and voice control greatly improve customer service. They provide a variety of solutions to the consumer, that range from smoke detection, heat detection, pressure detection, perimeter protection, heat signature monitoring for checking environmental pollutants to people counting, etc.


Facial recognition protects assets by identifying repeat customers or potential perpetrators. Facial recognition when used in applications like retail is a perfect complement to an existing surveillance system, enhancing security and customer experience in real time. Perimeter protection helps organisationsto identify real threats by distinguishing people and vehicles from other moving objects and keeping false alarms to a minimum.

Multi-intelligence technology used in AI-empowered cameras can perform several intelligent tasks. Vehicle intersection is an example. Earlier, to streamline road traffic management, to detect vehicle types, license plate numbers and to protect sidewalks, there were around ten or more cameras installed at the intersection.

However, with multi-intelligence cameras, it requires merely two cameras which results in low equipment and installation cost, lower maintenance and management of the products.


Hikvision’s smart technologies are enabling business intelligence solutions through video surveillance data. It helps bank to protect employees, customers, branch offices and ATMs. It empowers retailers to understand footfall in their stores and optimise their merchandising strategies through people counting and heat mapping functions. There are advanced video surveillance solutions to guide city authorities to reduce congestion and pollution with smart traffic management solutions.

DQ: What is the current market size and the upcoming trends in the surveillance industry?

Ashish P. Dhakan: The Indian video surveillance market has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years owing to rising security concerns, primarily arising from growing incidents of theft, domestic crime and acts of terrorism. Additionally, rapid infrastructural growth and reforms in the education and BFSI sector have also fueled the demand for surveillance solutions. Further, the growing trend of citywide surveillance is also contributing to the demand for such solutions in India.


According to 6Wresearch, the Indian video surveillance market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22.7% during 2019-25. Growth would be aided during the forecast period, primarily due to increasing government initiatives towards city surveillance and smart city projects.

Prama Hikvision is leading the Indian market with the largest market share, which is pegged at over 35%. Due to various global cues and local factors the Indian security market grew at a 20% rate in 2019. The total number of professional video surveillance cameras sold in the Indian market is approximately 5 Crore (50 million) per year. The overall growth was pegged at above 25% by the year end. The big wins at the latest IHS report-2019 (No.1 in India and World) and A&S Security 50-2019 (Globally No. 1) has reaffirmed Hikvision’s market leadership.

The emerging trends are as follows:


Rise of smart video surveillance: The rise of smart video surveillance is evident. The IP video surveillance trend will continue to grow further.

Growing adoption of AI applications: Among the key security technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) is the most trending technologies. The year 2020 will see a wider proliferation of AI applications into the video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarm and perimeter security and smart home categories.

Smart home applications: The next wave of Internet of Things (IoT) trend will drive the platform-based approach for convergence of Smart Home applications, technologies and solutions. The year 2020 will witness the fastest growth for IoT based Smart Home security solutions due to enhanced security awareness.

DQ: Tell us about your manufacturing facility. How is PramaHikvision gearing up to serve its clients better?

Ashish P. Dhakan: Prama Hikvision’s ‘Make in India’ manufacturing facility is a remarkable milestone in its decade-long journey. We are committed to expand our Make in India mission further by manifesting the maxim: ‘Made For India, Made By India, Made In India’.

The facility is India’s first and largest integrated world-class security and surveillance products manufacturing facility. The facility was inaugurated in October, 2019 and has been built at an investment commitment of INR 500 crore. The plant has a production capacity of 1.5 million cameras per month, and has been manufacturing a record number of products since its launch. The company is focused on building this facility and has plans underway to cater to the fast-growing domestic demand in a phased manner.

Currently, we have employed over 2,700+ skilled and semi-skilled employees in the plant. By the end of 2020, we expect the headcount to be close to 3,000 employees. We manufacture 50% of the components indigenously in the new plant and will gradually transition to 100% localization. Localisation is giving employment to more people in India and will gradually transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

The facility is certified with ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Safety Systems), ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System). The products manufactured in the manufacturing facility are UL certified. Prama Hikvision’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the capability to manufacture over 850 product models, out of a total of 3,000 products.

DQ: Are you planning on body-worn solution for security forces on field duty?

Ashish P. Dhakan: We are in discussions with the various state police authorities and paramilitary forces. We, at Prama Hikvision,offer Body Worn Solutions as a part of Hikvision mobile enforcement system. They have been field-tested and proven in critical, on-the-ground applications. This solution is a perfect fit for Homeland Security Forces, which includes Police, CISF and CRPF, etc. The Hikvision body worn camera is a highly integrated device mainly designed for security and law enforcement.

DQ: How is Prama Hikvision integrating their products for the safe city?

Ashish P. Dhakan: Prama Hikvision is leading the video surveillance domain with technology innovation through R&D initiatives. Hikvision has brought in many new technologies (AI, deep learning, AI cloud, IoT and Big Data) to the forefront of the smart city and safe city domains.

These latest products and solutions include AI-enabled DeepinView Cameras  and DeepinMind NVRs, AI cloud, AI-enabled face recognition terminals and swing barrier gate, smart pole, emergency call switch,  AI technology applications (face recognition, people tracking, perimeter protection), intelligent traffic management solutions and mobility solutions, access control solutions, intrusion system, PanoVu cameras, walk-through metal detectors, interactive screens, etc.

Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from the latest products and solutions, the ‘Make in India’ initiative has given a major boost for Hikvision products in the Indian market. The successful foray into the ‘Make in India’ manufacturing plant by Prama Hikvision has significantly reduced the total cost of ownership in the Safe City and Smart City projects.

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