Decoding the Benefits of Cyber Defense Resiliency Centre (CDRC) for a robust Cyber Security Ecosystem

By:  Prasenjit Saha, Executive Vice President – Security, LTI (L&T Infotech)

Today, cyber security has assumed a proportion of a complex socio-technical challenge for organizations. Identified as the third biggest concern in the Global Risk Reports 2018 by World Economic Forum (WEF), cybersecurity is now a persistent business risk for all enterprises. Organizations are making a push towards leveraging next-gen technologies like, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Automation and Internet of Things (IoT) to stay ahead of the curve.  While organizations pursue transformations enabled by such new age technologies, this rapid pace of change fails to keep pace with the changing dynamics of cybersecurity.

Data reveals that 32% of the organizations surveyed in GISS 2016-17 India Report (EY – Global Information Security Survey) do not have an agreed-upon communications strategy in the event of a significant cyber-attack. These organizations fail to comprehend that while they upgrade their cyber security mechanisms, the attackers too move a notch up with new attacking mechanisms and tools that can penetrate even some of the most secure infrastructure. The report also reveals that 35% of the organizations surveyed admitted to having had a significant cyber breach. Defending against these kinds of attacks can be a tedious task for even the most proficient security teams and since the tools and means of these attacks keep constantly changing, a single successful attack can have catastrophic consequences.

It is evident that cyber security is not optional and organizations need to practice it beyond cosmetic measures, which requires not only minimizing the impact of cyber crime when it occurs, but also taking proactive steps towards preventing cyber crime from occurring in the first place. One of the new and most dependable approaches towards mitigating the risk of cyber security is by leveraging the advance capabilities of Cyber Defense Resiliency Centre (CDRC). CDRC is not just technology but an aggregation of Threat Intelligence composed of Threat Insights from multiple sources, which helps in Managed Threat Prevention and Detection Services.














The Cyber Defense Resiliency Service aims at –

  • Creating a resilient Cyber Security Framework that can efficiently mitigate the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Augmenting the Digital Security which incorporates Cloud Security, Mobile Security and IoT Security that will give the confidence to the company to reassure customers about their data integrity.
  • Reinforcing Convergence Security that significantly lessens security risks around critical assets of the company.

The Cyber Defense Resiliency Service combines the power of Threat Investigation and Hunting Services with Threat Decoying or deception services through advanced malware sandboxing. It also encompasses Semi-Automated Threat Remediation Services with Machine Learning and Deep Learning driven cyber bots.

Cyber Defense Resiliency Services have six key components, namely –

  • Automation Discovery – Advance data analysis powered by the supporting computational intelligence algorithms mine for Cyber Incidents and determine activities that can be automated.


  • Orchestration and Automation – Cyber Security activities are automated and orchestrated with through Cyber Service Bots and Self-Learning capabilities.


  • Robotic Process Automation  Through RPA manual & routine tasks and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are automated. 


  • Service Bots – Service Bots converse intelligently to respond and resolve user requests through bots like password resets, threat intelligence KM.


  • Governance Dashboard – The Governance Dashboard enables ITIL based Service Performance Reporting with Real-Time ITSM Integration and Drill-Down capabilities.


  • Cyber Analytics for Threat Hunting – The Cyber Analytics service leverages an Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning driven technology based platform for behavior analysis, providing predictive and prescriptive assistance for Threat Hunting and Monitoring.

Technology, by its very nature will continue to evolve and as organizations embrace the change, new threats and dangers are certain to arise. In such a scenario, CDRC can help organizations improve the effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness of cyber defense. It is a platform that can help organizations in mitigating the vulnerable points from a cyber security perspective. CDRC can ensure business continuity.


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