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Decoding Amazon’s AWS Honeycode

Amazon has introduced the beta version of Honeycode to help users build web and mobile applications using spreadsheets and the AWS database, without writing any code

The beta form of Amazon’s Honeycode was launched recently. Honeycode is a fully-managed AWS service that one can use to build web and mobile applications without writing any code. At the core of the data, the interface is spreadsheet and the AWS database. Therefore, anyone familiar with spreadsheets can use the interface to develop apps.

As per a Gartner estimate, by 2024, low-code and no-code approaches will account for 65% of all application development in companies. With the introduction of the Honeycode service, Amazon aims to target non-coders into basic app development. Amazon has kept the interface easy and does not currently allow the use of external data sources. This is because external data can make integration difficult.

Know spreadsheets, can build apps

For now, all that the users – or Builders as AWS calls them – need is the knowledge of spreadsheets to get started. The service is similar to Microsoft’s PowerApps tool, except that it does not require users to write code. Honeycode is aimed for non-coders—analysts, project managers and the like who extensively use spreadsheets—to help them build basic applications without writing code.

Builders can use the service for free to build applications for up to 20 users. Subsequently, costs apply on the basis of the storage the applications take up and pay per user.

Key features

Honeycode allows ‘builders’ to create basic business apps on their own without depending on internal development teams. Some of the features of Honeycode include:

  • Users can build applications using spreadsheets and the AWS database, without writing code.
  • The service includes templates for customer tracker, content tracker, team task tracker survey, inventory management, event management, and PO approvals among other tasks.
  • It allows users to tap into a repository of user interface objects which includes lists, buttons, and input fields.
  • Users can access built-in, trigger-driven actions to generate email notifications.
  • Once customized, the changes to the apps are deployed immediately.
  • Users can share the app with their team members once it has been created.

Availability of the service

The Honeycode service is currently available only in Oregon – the AWS US West region. However, it is expected that Amazon will introduce the service in the other regions soon. Slack Technologies and SmugMug are among the first users of the service.

The article has been written by Neetu Katyal, Content and Marketing Consultant

She can be reached on LinkedIn.

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