Dear Uncle Sam,

I don’t write to you
very often, but then when you do patently irrational things, even an objective person like
me is forced to pen down my thoughts. I don’t think my letter is going to be liked
very much, but then I don’t have to stand for popularity contests every so often.

For instance, I don’t
understand your rationale for first imposing sanctions, then partially withdrawing them,
and then taking a totally one-sided approach to the whole thing. You imposed sanctions
because Uncle Atal burst a nuclear bomb, without telling you. In fact, every time he kept
telling you about how endangered Indian security was. However, you were at that time busy
honeymooning with the same neighbors who were busy subverting our security. Never mind,
but your recent decision to relax the sanctions more in favor of Uncle Sharif is quite

You would obviously know
that these sanctions that you are imposing and holding as the proverbial damocles sword
have done little to help your position in this country. To date, Indians, who are a larger
democracy than your country, have been trying to figure out why you are doing such
seemingly atrocious things, which go beyond the pale of normal behavior. Knowing you as
well as I do, I think you are doing this because you are operating from an emotional state
of mind rather than a statesmanlike point of view. I think you are deeply hurt by the fact
that not only did Uncle Atal not tell you about the bomb, he burst them twice, and then
went on to ask you some tough questions in the global forums.

True, there are several,
even in India, who question the need for undertaking the tests, but honestly, they are
differences of opinion within a house, which is normal. To cite this as a vindication of
your policies, as some of your officials have done, is to say the least, rather juvenile.
Have you hurt us? You might have. As far as Indian infotech is concerned, some imports
have been hurt due to the sanctions and some specific segments like high-end workstations
will be hit markedly. Even your decision naming 240 entities for banning all export from
America to them smacks of arrogance, and worse, ignorance. The good thing is we are still
a lot better than Uncle Sharif’s basket case, which you are now using as the alibi
for double standards.

I will end this letter with
a request to please seek sane advice. I may be young, but I do believe that statesmanship
does not come from an emotional state of mind. I do understand your emotional and
political needs now, but then political brinksmanship is the solution to these problem. I
hope you see light.

once-again-out-of-favor nephew

Dee Cue

P. S: Don’t forget to
say hi to Monica aunty, Hillary aunty, Jennifer aunty, Paula aunty etc.. etc..


L Subramanyn


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