DataWeave provides intelligence to India’s top etailers

Karthik Bettadapura, co-founder & CEO, DataWeave

DataWeave provides intelligence to India’s leading ecommerce companies on multiple things. It helps ecommerce players to take informed decisions and hence make changes. Dataquest conversed with Karthik Bettadapura, co-founder & CEO, DataWeave.

Karthik Bettadapura, co-founder & CEO, DataWeaveDataWeave

Karthik Bettadapura, co-founder & CEO, DataWeave

What are the platform and the services offered by DataWeave?
DataWeave’s range of products deliver real time actionable insights to Retailers and Brands. The Retail Intelligence platform provides Pricing, Promotions and Assortment Intelligence thereby providing a deep understanding of product availability and pricing. The Brand Analytics platform helps Brands in Pricing Analysis of products as well as to understand Momentum of products across brands.

How is the analytics space shaping up and what role does it play in any business?
Businesses are demanding more actionable insights from analytics and tie it to business outcomes. Simplified (easily consumable & actionable) analytics that is timely and accurate will be the need of the hour. Data from across channels is going to be integrated and analyzed in a near real-time fashion.

How can retail intelligence and brand analytics be leveraged to enhance sales and growth?
Retail Intelligence & Brand Analytics provides both retailers and brands with a “outside-in” analysis on how customers perceive them vis-a-vis other competitors. It provides them with actionable insights on executing their pricing & assortment opportunities & strategies while preserving their brand equity.

Who and where are your customers based?
DataWeaves customers include both retailers and brands. We currently serve clients across all of South East Asia, Australia, India and the US

Have you got funding?
Yes we have raised some funding. Our investors include Times Internet, Blume Ventures, 5 ideas Start-up Superfuel, Meta Studio Advisors and from a group of prominent angel investors including Google’s Rajan Anandan, Japan’s Teruhide Sato, Singapore based M&S Partners founder Hiro Mashita to name few.

What is your expansion plan and future roadmap?
Our focus is to drive greater client penetration in the geographies that we are present in. Each of these specific geographies has a significant untapped potential and provide large growth opportunities. On the product side, we are also putting in a lot more work in scaling our technology infrastructure and capability. We have built significant capability in areas like machine learning, computer vision and data aggregation. Each of these areas are very important to our overall goal of ensuring that we can provide actionable insights at scale to our clients.

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