Dataserv APAC: The New Recycler

DQI Bureau
New Update

Dataserve APAC Limited of the Dataserve group, announced that it was granted the responsible recycling "R2" practices: 2008 certification.


The certification granted by Orion Registar Inc, USA, reinforces dataserve APAC's commitment to responsible e-waste recycling practices and processed. The certification also called "R2", is applicable to environmentally compliant and secure asset management, reverse logistics,data erasure and destruction, reuse and recycling and remarketing services.

"Dataserve is proud to be R2 certified operations in India," said Thomas Holberg, Group Director, Dataserv Group Holdings Ltd. The R2 standard focuses on performance of electronics waste recyclers in the areas of environmental and public health, work health and safety, security( data and facility) and the whole recycling process through final disposal.

"R2 standards ensure ,ore toxic material streams are managed safely and responsibly by downstream vendors, all the way to final disposal. In a country like india, it is a significant challenge. With dataserv's process rigour together with environment-friendly IT recycling practices and data security technologies, we can strengthen the system of accountability for handling electronic equipment throughout the value chain," said, Mr. Amit Sardana, Managing Director, Dataserv APAC.

By becoming a R2 solutions company, dataserv also benefits by contributing to the electronics recycling industry globally and in India. Dataserv APAC, under the certification, will be entrusted with responsibility to increase awareness for R2 practices amongst large-scale generators of scrap electronic, and municipal and state government, and work with the key stakeholders to ensure the standard evolve to meet the industry's future challenges and needs. It will also represent the interest of R2 certified processors and stake holders in national and international forums and create an open and transparent platform for managing this important industry standard.