Dataquest DigiGov Series, with Microsoft, in Bhopal Motivates Govt Departments to Go Digital

The Dataquest DigiGov Series in Bhopal, in association with Microsoft, carried forward the agenda “Deploying Digital Technologies to Transform Government Services’. The event witnessed participation from various government departments and has been able to achieve the objective of debating and discussing the scope of digital technologies in the government departments in the state.

Speaking on the occasion, Shivir Chordia, Director Marketing, Microsoft India spoke on the role and growing significance of Microsoft’s One Data Platform for various needs in the government and public sector where the requirement for a unified data platform is becoming inevitable day-by-day. Chordia ran the audience through a number of use cases and showed through his presentation how Microsoft delivers a powerful, scalable, and reliable data platform that is able to run mission critical and data intensive workloads, on premises and in the cloud.

The use cases evoked several queries around the use of big data and analytics for various government services and enhancing the experience for citizens and departments. The government officials also manifested interest in the set of digital technologies – cloud, mobility, analytics, social, IoT, apps, self-service portals and others – which are becoming a focus for various states to inform and serve citizens in the best way possible. The session on Machine Learning by Nitin Waghulde, Solution Specialist, Microsoft demonstrated the power of data. Besides, there was a session on productivity solutions for the government by Rohit Jayas, Solutions Specialist, Microsoft which helped the government officials to understand the ways in which the productivity could be improved.

All in all, the Dataquest DigiGov Series, in association with Microsoft, completed its Bhopal chapter on a positive note where it successfully motivated the government departments to adopt digital and help them create data-driven government services.

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