Why data analytics is essential for enhancing customer experience

Leverage data analytics to track customer behavior, record customer support team’s interaction, and question the consumer dissatisfaction rationale

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Data analytics

Data Analytics is fundamental to enhancing the customer experience. Market research reveals, “90% of business managers think analytics is capable of boosting sales by more than 20%.”


Data evaluation allows a business to analyze what they did right and how can they further improve and where to focus more. Without analytics, a marketer can only hope for the best to happen.

Takeout the guesswork from the equation. Leverage data analytics to track customer behavior, record customer support team’s interaction, and question the consumer dissatisfaction rationale.

Businesses cannot afford avoidable perils. They must integrate data analytics into their customer interaction strategy to optimize the customer experience.


Irrespective of the business size and its market segment, customer satisfaction is the common goal every enterprise strives to accomplish.

Happy customers make businesses successful

Read below to know how data analytics plays an instrumental role in enhancing the customer experience for organizations.


Allows businesses to know their customers

If used responsibly, data analytics can efficiently enhance the relationship between a company and its customers. It helps businesses to see the world through the perspective of consumers. Therefore, companies get to know their clientele much better and thus fill the voids and disconnects in their marketing and communication strategies. It ultimately drives enhanced customer engagement through customized campaigns.

The stronger the data connections, the better the output. Brands can strategically refer to this data to analyze customer feedback, their willingness to recommend the brand and if consumers intend to re-purchase their products and services. Data analytics extend a correlating effect on improving the customer experience as it reduces calls made to the customer support department by implementing an accurately targeted marketing strategy.


Enables business to create brand loyalty and track trends

Instead of just responding to a consumer, data analytics tools let brands build loyalty by offering a qualitative and quantitative business view. Big data analytics facilitate businesses to pull out profitable and meaningful trends that can be interpreted into better operational activities.

Building a more transparent picture, insights acquired from analytics can be used to create personalized communication levels between brands and consumers by:

  • Improving loyalty by addressing and resolving predictive problems before they take place
  • Reducing the budget invested in marketing plans by eliminating irrelevant and poorly targeted promotional campaigns.

Motivates organizations to delight customers

People these days live monotonous lives that revolve around the same people and places. A business should intend to diligently frame a communication strategy that breaks the monotony of consumers' life. And the best way to accomplish this goal is to convey gratitude to the consumers. Customer delight here is all about extending your sincere thanks and expressing appreciation to consumers for their past deeds.


Organizations should train their customer service executives to humbly greet consumers and show higher levels of gratification to repetitive customers to motivate them for further purchase and recommendations as well.

Now the question is how big data analytics can help in delighting customers. The answer is that data analytics generate a real-time report from the data collected from the customers' call record. Like the contact numbers with frequent calls, customer details including name, date and time of the call and the kind of interaction a consumer had with customer care representative. Based on such information, representatives can personally greet and thank consumers on calls.

Researches have shown, “thanking new acquaintances motivates them to seek an ongoing relationship.” Businesses can open gateways to establish loyalty by acknowledging their consumers. Delivering utmost customer delight is a secret step to success trajectories.


Assists businesses understand and track customer behavior

Organizations can easily figure out the pattern of their customers' behavior using big data analytics. They can rely on backend service reports in concurrence with behavioral analysis to identify the reason behind interaction and its repercussions.

For example, if a consumer calls to cancel an ordered product without mentioning a reason. Leveraging associated data, businesses are enabled to review the kind of experience that a person had with the brand: slow internet, poor experience with a customer care team, negative feedback from a fellow member or anything else.

After a deep analysis of the core issue, businesses can frame out a redefined communication and marketing strategy and will act accordingly to offer maximum customer satisfaction.

Analytics is an asset for every organization to boost its customer experience as it offers great potential to transform relations positively. Target specific and accurate big data strategies are the prime factor to maintain productive communications between the firm and its customers. And this is what helps a business to substantially grow in terms of goodwill and revenue generation.

By Ankit Dudhwewala, Founder, CallHippo