Cyware Cofounder explains prioritizing security investments and crypto as ransom

In conversation with DQ’s DeepTech Studio, Akshat Jain, Co-founder, Cyware talks about all things cybersecurity. The threat landscape is evolving in the blink of an eye.

As advanced as the technology landscape gets with crypto and web3 touted as the next big thing, the same advancement is coming to haunt us. Going forward, Jain predicts that crypto will be the hallmark of ransomware attacks. Being held on crypto ransom would cause an unprecedented reality for CISOs.

The shocker doesn’t end there. Also, with geopolitical situations being what they are with Ukraine-Russia war, cyber as emerged as the fourth domain of warfare. As troops prepare for attacks on land, air, water, security leaders are in no less war-footing situation to protect mission critical applications and critical infrastructure. Jain elaborates on this and also details out how CISOs can then prioritize security investments.

Jain also discusses how threat sharing will become imperative for all and it will lead to more public-private collaboration. Jain also talks about the future of cybersecurity–one thing that cuts across DeepTech–will evolve and the trends that will shape the domain.

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