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Cyber Security- The Next Lucrative Job To Be in?

By Krishna Mukherjee

At a time, when automation is triggering job losses worldwide, cyber security could open up a new stream for greenhorns.

So, which job has fascinated you? If you still aspire to become a doctor, engineer or executive, then hold on – becoming a cyber security expert can put you in the much sought after profession.

With digitization becoming the buzz word today, Cyber security expert or ethical hackers could be the most lucrative profession in the days to come. In addition, at a time, when automation is triggering job losses worldwide, cyber security could open up a new stream for greenhorns.

The Menace of Cyber Crimes
The rise in digitization is leading to rise in cyber crimes. Over 3 million ATM, debit cards were affected because of cyber attacks in 2016. Also, the recent leakages of Aadhaar data and transaction data are turning out to be some of the pain points for the government, companies and the citizens.

At one hand, the rise in the usage of digital wallets, especially post demonetization, have benefitted all of us, while on the other hand such transactions have led to increase in cyber crimes. And at this juncture, the need of the hour is to arrest the problematic areas.

According to recent media reports, “The incidents of cyber crime in India are rising sharply, recording an increase of over 100% in 2015 from 2014. The number grew from 71,780 in 2013 to 1.49 lakh in 2014 to 3 lakh in 2015.”

The hackers are always a step ahead in creating sophisticated tools and technology, as a result, it becomes very difficult to catch hold of them and create a trained group of security professionals.

According to the National Cyber Security Policy 2013, there’s a vision to create a task force of 5,00,000 cyber security professionals in the next five years.

According to Data Security Council of India, “the cyber security market is likely to touch $35 billion by 2025”. In addition, Nasscom has also stated that the country needs at least one million skilled people by 2020.

However, currently there’s a paucity of such experts and so the need is to have qualified cyber security professionals.

Scope for Cyber Security Professionals
An ethical hacker can fetch an average salary of INR 4 lakh to INR 5 lakh. In fact, companies are willing to pay more for such jobs in order to ward off any security breach. According to experts, ethical hacking could be a money making business for youngsters.

At the same time, in the absence of cyber security institutes, it would be an uphill task to create cyber security professionals of the future. Although many security agencies are willing to address the problem, but a lot of steps are required from the government side to materialize such plans.

The government in association with security vendors and nodal agencies is creating cyber-security standards. Besides, the state governments are also building cyber security capabilities in association with CERT-in.

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