Cyber Security in 2019

New Update

At the same time that digital technology is vastly increasing our ability to produce smart, efficient and agile work, were also seeing a parallel development in cybercrime. The ability for hackers, malware or other nefarious digital bugs to enter our networks is developing at an alarming rate, and thats why up-to-date cybersecurity is an absolute must in the age of digital dominance.


You only have to look at the falls in Facebooks stocks, or other negative press concerning data breaches, to understand how severe poor cybersecurity can be for business. And this trend is only set to continue as we head into 2019. Here are some developments and remedies to look out for in the coming year.

  • Regulations

A large part of cybersecurity is not necessarily to keep on top of your own data and to prevent the corruption of your network - its also to ensure that your company is abiding by the regulations that are designed to keep consumer data safe and secure. As further, stronger measures are introduced globally to protect consumer data, so too are the fines and penalties raised, meaning poor cybersecurity can mean a huge dent in your companys finances.


Its best to get on top of these regulations when theyre announced, before they come into action. An example of the rush to get up to speed regulation-wise is the PSD2 banking regulations - making open bankingpossible. Many banks failed to comply within the allotted timeframe, which proved extremely costly. Get your cybersecurity team to work on regulations as theyre announced so that your business is ahead of the curve when they come to be enforced.

  • Flexible Software

Cybersecurity in the past has often involved building a system brick by brick to cope with new and emerging threats. This can often lead to the eventual collapse of your systems when threats emerge that your infrastructure cannot deal with. Thats what makes agile, responsive and flexible software solutions so promising, especially for businesses that are unable to hire a cybersecurity team to work full-time on emerging issues.


You should look no further than the services offered by if youre concerned about being safeguarded in your business. Their IT services protect from cybercrime in a responsive way, so that your investment continues giving as cybercrime develops with new technologies. 2019 could see new threats emerge, and its best to be prepared to avoid being found wanting in cybersecurity.

  • More and More Serious

If you ask anybody in the industry, youll find the same perspective: cybersecurity is becoming a harder and harder aspect to IT solutions, demanding more time, manpower and expertise than ever. 2019 looks set to represent the continuation of this trend, as threats multiply, evolve and mutate in such a way as to be a constant source of worry.

The way to remedy this is to hire the brightest and best in the IT world - people whore able to foresee some of the most profound threats, and can combat them head-on before they infect your business.

Cybercrime and cybersecurity are set to become more important than ever in 2019, so its best to be prepared for threats, guaranteeing peace of mind within your company.