Customized for Employees

Being a BPO that is just beginning to grab headlines in the recent years, 24/7 Customer had a mammoth amount of work that needed to be done not only on the business front but on the employee front as well.
The management of 24/7 Customer realized, perhaps the hard way, that money alone is not enough to keep the employees satisfied enough to retain them in their jobs. It is especially true for todays generation that comprises a major chunk of the BPO population.
What followed this realization was a bag full of employee policiesa lot of them starting to show concrete results only in the year gone by. As a result, although the organization has moved only marginally up the ladder in our survey, there has been a huge shift on the ground. This shift was most visible in parameters like salary, appraisal process, and gender inclusivity where the company managed to appear in our top 10 list. Employee engagement, in all aspects was something that the company took very seriously in the previous year. Thus, many new and innovative initiatives were doled out.
The highlight of the past year though was the Nine Blocker program, that the company introduced to assess the potential of the employees and provide them growth opportunities in sync with their personal capabilities. The project launched on a pilot basis last year, is just finishing its first successful quarter.
The gender front was also abuzz with activity as 24/7 Customer kicked off its several initiatives for women in the last quarter. The initiatives encompass all women in the organizationgrade, function, or process no bar.
On the training front too, though the employee satisfaction was still quite low, the company introduced various new modules. Customization seemed to be the new mantra and it is working too. The company already managed to increase its pass percentage in training tests to about 93-95% from almost 88-89% in FY09. The average learning curve also came down significantly from six weeks to two weeks.

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