‘Customers should be able to lodge complaints

Has the positioning of Talisma changed with the introduction of products
around CIM?

Talisma is a software company that specializes in solutions which deal with
giving companies the capabilities to create a positive experience for customers.
We believe we are experts in customer service. CRM traditionally meant gathering
the data, analyzing the customer, and mapping it to the companys product
strategies. Now, CRM has evolved into CIM.

What are some of the key attributes that you have noticed in the
ever-changing customer behavior and how can it be handled?
Customers are becoming increasingly impatient. The fundamental thing is that
a customer who purchases a product also wants to lodge a complaint (if the
product does not come up to his expectations) and he should be able to do that.
CIM is about using different modes of communication and consolidating that, so
that the agent can see the interactions come in through email, fax, etc and have
that in the context of that individual.

The ultimate cost reduction for a company happens by building a portal that
leverages self-service. Companies could alternatively have the option of
consumers finding answer to their queries by themselves.

Jon McNerney, vice
president and general manager, International Operations, Talisma

Which are the verticals you are targeting?
We cater to financial institutions, travel, manufacturing, and
pharmaceutical. We have the core capability that runs across verticals and is
configurable and integratable as applications can be easily plugged in instead
of going the customization route, which takes months to implement.

What are some of the innovations in chat technology?
We are excited about the next generation chat, which is very proactive and
has lots of features. We have made some rules around chat so that requests are
taken at the right time. We also improved by adding co-browsing with the
capability of co-filling of online forms. It is also possible to mask the
personal data like social security number of customers. We also added VoIP
capability by having a click-to-talk feature. There are times when customers
queries are addressed by chat, but at times calling can complement chat.

Sudesh Prasad

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