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Customer experience is that rocket fuel that is driving and transforming our customers: Dinesh Venugopal, Concentrix Catalyst

Dinesh Venugopal, president, Concentrix Catalyst recently spoke to Dataquest about the role played by customer experience in the current business environment

Customer experience is one of the most important factors when its comes to businesses. Offering a superior customer experience is imperative for businesses in order to sustain business development. In addition to that, the pandemic has completely redefined the meaning of customer experience. While a customer was always of foremost importance for companies, the pandemic has certainly placed them on a higher pedestal. Recently, Dinesh Venugopal, president, Concentrix Catalyst spoke to Dataquest about the importance of customer experience especially in the post-pandemic scenario.

Concentrix Catalyst is the newly created experience design and engineering team of Concentrix that combines human-centred design, powerful data and strong tech to accelerate CX transformation at scale. Concentrix is a leading global solutions company that reimagines everything customer experience (CX) through strategy, talent and technology with a presence in over 40+ countries with 750+ clients. With over 20% revenue growth Concentrix Catalyst is expecting a total revenue of over $630 Million by the end of this year.

Catalyst is also looking to expand in India, and aims at hiring bright talent in the country to further their goal of providing superior customer experience. “I’m working with the team to see how we can accelerate the hiring, some of the hiring pools that we can look at and how we can attract the brightest of talent,” said Dinesh.

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