Curiosity Chooses CleverTap Marketing Platform To Drive User Growth

Millions of lifelong learners worldwide will now have access to CleverTap personalized curated content based on user preferences and real-time analytics

New Update

CleverTap, provider of a platform for behavioral analytics and app engagement, announced that Curiosity, the Chicago-based content marketplace for knowledge seekers, has selected CleverTap’s multi-channel marketing suite to drive customer growth across the US, APAC and Europe. For content providers, content aggregation and contextual content distribution are critical to success. CleverTap helps Curiosity in effective content distribution by personalizing content, based on user preferences, and retaining users via real-time engagement. Targeted dynamic micro-segments that evolve over time help Curiosity to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and focus on channels that are providing the optimal ROI.


“In today’s world, the better a business understands their users, the higher is the probability of the brand not being left-swiped from a user’s mobile phone said Manish Patel, Head of Customer Success at CleverTap. “An exceptional customer experience is a three-prong strategy – understanding your user, building a product that fulfills the user’s needs and then continuing to service users in a personalized way using the device and marketing channel of their choice. Curiosity’s approach to customer acquisition and retention is what sets them apart and gives them a sustained competitive advantage.”

Launched in 2011, Curiosity aims to ignite curiosity and inspire people to learn. Curiosity publishes visual, short form articles and video content every day on its website, its Android and iOS apps and social media platforms. Since early 2017, Curiosity has been using CleverTap to create daily incentives for its growing Android and iOS audiences to re-engage their curiosity. Michael Russell, CTO at Curiosity, said, “By scheduling daily CleverTap push campaigns across the globe, we have observed a 25% or more uplift in user activity, increased sharing of content and improved user retention. Curiosity leverages CleverTap’s message variant and A/B testing capabilities to select the optimal message for user communication based on the observed click-through rates. Using CleverTap’s analytics tools, the Curiosity team has found optimal times in the day to send users personalized content and generate engagement.”

Curiosity also uses CleverTap in-app notifications to make users aware of new features that come with app updates. Recently, Curiosity created in-app notifications with CleverTap to drive awareness and downloads of the new Curiosity Podcast, now available on iTunes, Google Play Music and other popular podcast platforms.

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