“CTE is focused on building the partnerships and talent base”

Onkar Sharma
New Update
  • What is the 2nd inning plan for Cambridge Technology Enterprise? 

CTE has witnessed growth in six months ending June 2015. We have put together a two year business plan (January 2015 till December 2016) and we are on track with it. This is projected via our financial statements.

During the first six months, we heavily focused on building the right partnerships and investing in our existing talent base. We have built partnerships with Oracle (Oracle Platinum Partners), Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, ForgeRock and Tableau.

In the second part of the year, we continue to expand and widen our reach by offering our services to new customers and verticals by using our partner network. Our sales focus is in the mid-west region of the US and as we grow our customer base, we see additional workforce being part of the company.


What are the verticals you are focusing on?

We are selective in our offerings and our customers. In characteristic, we are not a cost solution, but a company that focuses on delivering value proposition. In the past six months, we have leveraged our partner network and have partnered with new customers. We have also signed up new engagements with our long standing customers to deliver them with new offerings to suit their business needs.

Our customers are spread across verticals including but not limited to Manufacturing, Energy, Textiles, Shipping and Logistics, Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences and Services. We do not restrict ourselves to verticals but focus on our expertise to deliver value to our customers.


What are the total number of people in the organization right now? Will you add more?

CTE is spread across US, India, Germany and Singapore. Currently, our global employee strength is 250 and we have extensive hiring plans as we grow. By the end of next year, we expect to scale up to an employee base of 600. Majority of our hiring will be in India as we try to consolidate and strengthen our Hyderabad center. However, 25 percent of the hiring will be in US.

What kind of talent are you looking at?


Our core expertise is the convergence of cloud and big data and we look to hire professionals with skillset in this area. We are looking for enthusiastic technology professionals who have an inbuilt core value of delivering high value to customers. We hire across the spectrum, ranging from fresh talent to experienced professionals.

One of the areas that we focus is training. Under Cambridge Competency Center, we initiate and operate various training programs to upscale the available talent so that they serve our customers better. We train them on niche domains and platforms. Succession planning and cross functional training is one of our USP as we continue to grow.

Have you set any revenue targets for CTE?

We definitely have internal revenue targets and we are working towards it. The revenue targets are a part of our two years business plan ending December 2016. We hope to continue the momentum that we currently have, to reach our targets.

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