CRMNEXT Mashup Anywhere redefines customer interactions by using real-time information

New Update

CRMNEXT, the provider of CRM for financial services, announced the launch of Mashup Anywhere to address the industry’s need to simplify and integrate multiple streams of data as a means to facilitate more meaningful customer interactions.


The unique real-time data integration tool aggregates information from multiple sources into a single intuitive graphical interface. With Mashup Anywhere, the CRMNEXT platform is able to connect to remote databases or external applications to search, fetch, validate, display and update the external data or records in real-time. With this capability, customer-facing teams can now service all their customer’s needs on one screen, without having to jump through multiple systems to retrieve data.

“Mashup Anywhere has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that integrates, displays and modifies data on any screen including leads, customers, cases, campaigns, dashboards and mobile interface in a user-friendly way,” said Dr. Manoj Kumar, chief product architect at CRMNEXT. “This reduces time and cost to manage third-party data displays by more than 70 %.”

The new tool is able to display the real-time data and information received from external databases in numerous formats such as lists, forms and graphs, and also allows users to embed external widgets such as weather, Sensex, currency converter, Google Map and others. The feature helps boost first-time resolution rates for service requests by fetching the latest records from transaction systems in real-time.

Over the past decade, CRMNEXT has been working with Fortune 1000 global banks and insurance companies and has been credited with having three of the world’s largest five banking CRM installations. The platform has enabled these organizations to reduce the average length of customer transactions by 90%, increase employee productivity by 60 percent and contribute as much as 40% increase to bottom line revenue.

“We believe CRMNEXT will impact the entire financial business ecosystem by redefining customer interactions, while necessitating new innovative internal processes and employee skills to support these interactions,” said CRMNEXT INC. CEO, Joe Salesky.

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