CRM Technology strengthens business base for organizations

By Ravi Kumar, Director CRM Consulting, Cubastion Consulting

CRM technology might be going one step ahead to conserve the vitality of their implementation. Unfortunately, many advisors, especially those from baby boomer generation, are not certainly confident with technology advancement and therefore restrict themselves from implementing new trends. However, “Technology is the key cornerstone of today’s businesses & one who does not embrace new innovations will likely to fall short in their business goals”.

Appropriate technology is not only vital for business sustainability, but it can also induce great innovations in today’s businesses. Integrating CRM technology can make companies stay informed across various channels, which can help them to stay abreast with their Customers. CRM solution tracks every interaction between a customer and the company, from the ‘CEO’ to the ‘Customer Service Manager’; it offers greater control over the business processes alongside also offers a more consistent customer experience. Now, let’s look into the a few benefits that CRM holds for the organisation.

Staying Efficient and Organized

There is a common misconception that CRM automation and other technologies are too complex for small businesses. However in reality they’re easier to use than ever and can help organisation to work smartly by saving time and connecting with customer in speedy fashion.

A well-administered CRM system reduces manual processes that create organizational intricacies. A CRM platform not only enhances business efficiency but, also integrates with other systems to minimize human efforts.

Measuring sales productivity

Companies through digitizing their core business architecture are finally taking sway into revolution. To offer genuine customer engagement and accelerate profound results, many companies are adopting new strategies to re-code their sales processes. By Adopting good sales oriented CRM systems employees can monitor their core sales processes like sales analytics, sales performance, lead management, sales collaboration, & Contact management. They appreciate that in CRM their sales data is going to be stored centrally and presented in an easy-to-follow format, allowing them to monitor staff performance and, as a result, optimize selling. CRM app also increases the productivity of sales representatives; they can track emails, add contacts, update Sales CRM and do much more.

Stay up to date with your customer info—even when you’re on the go

Mobile CRM application allows you to access your data on-the-go; it is best way for entrepreneurs who intend to undertake multiple responsibilities at one time. Field service technicians, field agents, managers – all who need mobility while working can easily view & modify documents and populate CRM directly from a mobile device or a tablet. Moreover, CRM app is the latest novelty in technology that ensures a seamless result- oriented experience. Today, these apps can easily be installed and used as per your convenience and integration of mobile CRM application has its direct effect on a company’s year-on-year revenue.

Going Social

In a hyper social eco-system, a company’s reputation may be already on stake by the time complaints reach to the customer support. A few companies often do not stick around on complaints to reach their contact centres, they are instituting proactive processes to reach out and respond to customer concerns via social media. Although responding to questions and complaints via social account is hardly proactive, but reaching out to customer through different social media platforms exhibits the support and commitment of the company to streamline communication.

Today, Innovation such as CRM can effortlessly enhance and enrich organisation processes to drive proactive support whether responding to potential prospects or identifying new opportunities via social media can play a substantial role in the organisational success and growth.

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