CRM technology boosting corporate performance

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By Mr. Ravi Kumar, Director CRM Consulting at Cubastion Consulting


The Siebel-based CRM technology has brought about a major revolution in the corporate world by changing its structure in India and abroad. It has not only attuned the corporate structure as per the need of present generation but also paved the way for further changes that may creep in the future. Especially for the e-commerce companies, the Siebel-based CRM is extremely useful.

Before we take a wide angle over the issue, let us try to understand the ultra-sophisticated Siebel-based CRM. Siebel E-Commerce 8.1.1 is the next-generation of Siebel e-Sales. It has been designed to enable companies to manage multi-channel interactions with consistency and agility. Sophisticated selling rules such as pricing, eligibility, compatibility, and configuration can be managed once within Siebel CRM and deployed anywhere across the enterprise. All customer interactions transition seamlessly from self-service, to assisted care, into the call center, and back out to the self-service channel while giving customers transparent access to the real time information they need to do business. Features include Browse and Compare Products, Up-sell/Cross-sell, Configure Products, Shopping Cart & Checkout, Asset-based Ordering, View Order Status and Site Administration.

When we look at the Siebel-based CRM, we find that it virtually acts like a wizard doing many things from a single IT-enabled domain. Business intelligence along with CRM, marketing and sales using CRM, order management using CRM and product and price modelling using CRM are some of the functions that it can do with cutting-edge efficiency. The Loyalty CRM also is adding a large numbers of benefits to the corporate companies. The Partner Management and Service Management are the areas in which it is virtually doing miracles.


This particular technology is having applications in a wide spectrum of business areas. Practically speaking, whatever may be the business activity of a corporate company, this technology has a solution. Siebel CRM is virtually a magic want that has created revolutions in such industrial segments as automobile, manufacturing, media and communications, insurance sector and consumer durable segment.

In the case of automotive industry, this technology can very efficiently handle the dealer management systems in highly customized CRM environment. For the manufacturing sector, the CRM can manage the inventory and service requests. It has also emerged as the ultimate platform for media and communication industry for IoT. Telematics/Connected Car Solutions. CRM for the Insurance industry are getting increasingly used to manage policies and claims. CRM for consumer durables has become the ultimate platform for order management and after sales services.

Technology Focus:

1.Siebel CRM

2.Oracle BRM




6.BI Publisher

For business insight, it has a wide range of applications in all cardinal domains including marketing development, sales, service and billing. In the marketing development domain, Siebel-CRM is extraordinarily useful for marketing development, email campaigns, promotion management, loyalty development and (CRM Integrated) social marketing.

As far as the sales domain is concerned, it can do sales planning, SFA &retail process automation, forecasting, territory management, customer survey and product and price modeling. In the area of sales domain, the technology has emerged as a pre-requisite for integrated call centers, claim processing, field service, warranty management and settlements, policy automation and adjustments.

This technology is acting as an essential tool for the billing section of the companies. The Siebel-based CRM is capable of handling customer billing, settlements, loyalty rewards, integrated payments gateway and incentive settlements.

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