Crayon’s Technically Rich Team gave us Additional Mileage to Explore the New Era of Business: Satya Priya Das, Logarhythm Consultancy

Kolkata based Logarhythm Consultancy believes in honoring relationships. The ethos makes the team attentive and confident while proposing a solution that can provide justification in ROI to the client. In a conversation with Dataquest, Satya Priya Das, Managing Director, Logarhythm Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., shared his experience as SI (System Integrator) with Crayon Software.

Q. What does your company do and how has your journey been so far?

A. LOGARHYTHM started its journey in the year 2014. Since inception, our target was to emerge as a SI on Cloud, Connectivity and Security front. In the beginning, we considered that the future of industry is going to depend on these three pillars. Our first proud moment came in the same year, in the month of December, when we bagged our first Microsoft Office365 deal of 700 users, which was an energizer for us. And the very next year we bagged our first milestone project, the first IAS order of SAP HANA on public cloud, which was the first SAP HANA on public cloud in eastern India.

Q. How has your experience with Crayon been so far?

A. When everybody started talking about cloud as a new technology, CSP (Cloud solution provider) was a new generation of partners everybody was asking for. This is when we got introduced to Crayon. Their technically rich pre-and post sales team gave us additional mileage to explore the new era of business. Jointly, we started exploring and kept on adding new achievements to our kitty. We have done several mail and data migration projects together for enterprise customers. This helped us capture more share in the eastern India Market.

Q. How has Crayon’s training programmes helped you understand new technology?

A. Crayon’s training programs and technical teams helped us to understand technology and new solutions to take our business to the next level. It’s been a real value addition for us while identifying and designing solutions for our customers.

Q. How can customers leverage the different solutions offered by Crayon Software?

A. Virtualization has opened a new era of computing and this is slowly becoming the future. This brought us new words like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. In the current scenario we are getting business for SaaS & IaaS mainly, but we are more focused on educating our customers on the chances of business in PaaS reaching the peak.

By Ankit Parashar


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