Crayon is a Trusted Licensing and SAM Advisors: Sunil Kaul, PC Solutions

PC Solutions is a strategic partner in the field of Technology services, consulting and IT infrastructure solutions for the past thirty years. In an interaction with Dataquest, Sunil Kaul, AVP, PC Solutions shared the story of his journey with Crayon Software.

Q. Tell us about your company.

A. Since our inception in 1988, our teams of experts have diligently ensured that we align the IT solutions to meet the business needs of enterprises with agility and precision. We are global, and our customer base spans across industries on the worldwide map. PC Solutions with its decades of technical consulting proficiency offers highly beneficial cloud services to its clients.

Q. How has your journey with Crayon Software been so far?

A. Our journey with Crayon Software started almost 4 years back when they approached us as Microsoft LSP and Global software experts to provide us Global licensing support to our large enterprise customers. PC Solutions being an old Services and deployment partner in India also joined hands with their licensing / sales teams in to provide presales and deployment support to corporate customers in the country. Jointly, we got in to a strategic partnership to support our customers with Global licensing programs and expand our reach in the market.

Q. How does Crayon’s solution help organizations grow?

A. Crayon is a global software and cloud expert company that helps you gain clarity from complexity, optimize the ROI from your technology investments and simplify and secure your journey to digital transformation. Crayon is a trusted licensing and SAM advisor to many of the world’s leading organisations and provides end to end licensing support and optimizes investments from on-premises to cloud.

Q. How can customers leverage the different solutions offered by Crayon?

A. Crayon has a comprehensive relationship with all the major global software publishers and has in-depth understanding of Global licensing programs for both on-prem and on-cloud services. Crayon offers Software Asset Management services to customers helping them achieve compliance while also planning their software investments and providing cost effective licensing plans.

Q. Where do you see the maximum traction coming, from different verticals for cloud services?

A. For cloud services, we have seen traction across all verticals like manufacturing, e-commerce, education, etc. particularly in mid-market corporate. Cloud adoption has shown increase with major deployments in Cloud/ hybrid set ups, and SaaS based services like email, CRM, productivity solutions are becoming more widely used than traditional hosting options. The above holds true for even large organizations that are becoming more likely to make use of SaaS.

Q. What are the different training programs offered by Crayon to understand the latest technology?

A. Crayon has been offering several training programs periodically for knowledge update and changes on all licensing program like Global Enterprise agreements, Select agreements, CSP, etc. to its partners for leading publishers like Microsoft and other major vendors. Other Programs on digital transformation and partner exchange has also been very helpful.

By Ankit Parashar

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