Crayon Software Deeply Helped us Understand Complex Licensing Schemes: Samir Jhaveri, XcellHost

Crayon Software is now a distributor for Amazon. Essentially they are big aggregators like Microsoft, Cirtix, Redhat and 20 other OEMs

A college dropout like Bill Gates, Samir Jhaveri, Managing Director, XcellHost Cloud Services, has more than 20 years experience in managed hosting and cloud infrastructure space. While talking with Dataquest, Samir shared his vision, strategy, and growth with Crayon Software.

Q. Tell us about XcellHost Cloud Technology.

A. We are a managed cloud company since 1999, which is almost 20 years now. We run our own cloud which is 50% cheaper than Amazon and Azure. Being a cloud agnostic company, we do managed services for public clouds close to 40 cloud services, which we essentially pitch to various types of customers whether it is SMB, mid-market or Enterprise. We help customers in their entire cloud journey.

Q. Tell us about your journey with Crayon software?

A. We were the first partner to sign up with Crayon. We have been a long term partner and have done a job of match making for lots of vendors who did not have presence in India and wanted to look for distributors. We got them and engaged them with Crayon like Citrix and others.

We needed a distributor to help us with billing, training and enablement, so Crayon has always been very helpful and proactive to understand the needs. We pushed them hard to tie up with multiple OEMs globally and it goes beyond the standard partner- vendor relationship. Crayon helped us in all perspectives pre-sales, technicality and also connected us with a lot of partners across India who are doing a lot of P2P connects.

Q. How Crayon Software solutions help your customers grow?

A. Crayon Software is now a distributor for Amazon. Essentially they are big aggregators like Microsoft, Cirtix, Redhat and 20 other OEMs. Crayon deeply helped us understand complex licensing schemes. We take their team to larger customers to better understand licensing software asset management. There is lots of value addition, which happens and they act as a interrogatory between us and the OEMs. Crayon understands our challenges also to make OEMs understand what challenges service providers are facing. There are multiple approaches how Crayon has helped us win customers and partners.

Q. Where do you see maximum traction coming from the different verticals for cloud services?

A. The traction I am seeing is across all verticals. For SMBs, they buy a website mail and tally in the cloud from us. India has more than 65 million SMBs but the major challenge is how do you reach out to them. We reach out to them through partners and we are seeing massive 100% adoption in SMBs. For Mid market, we are seeing manufacturing, education, financial services and lots of startups and e-commerce. Startups don’t have legacy problem so they can easily move 100% to cloud.

Q. What are the different training programmes offered by Crayon Software to understand the latest technology?

A. Essentially they do training setup for all OEMs. Crayon software has done web-ex training and we have gone to various conferences where Crayon has enabled us with expo passes also.

Q. What are your future plans with Crayon Software?

A. We are looking for them to connect us with more customers and partners for our managed services at a much larger scale. Also, we are looking at multiple cities road shows and CIO round table where we can show our capabilities with Crayon brand name.

Written by Ankit Parashar

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