Crayon helps us Implement Solutions at our Customers: Anubhav Jain, Multiverse Solutions

Multiverse is a global software services company offering   solutions to enterprise customers to help them outsource their global IT infrastructure operations. In an interaction with Dataquest, Anubhav Jain, CEO, Mutiverse Solutions sheds light on his company’s vision, strategy, and growth under the ambit of Crayon Software.

Q. Tell us about your company.

A. We have started this company in the year 2007. Being a traditional solution partner of Microsoft, we became their Gold partner in the year 2008. We started venturing out with Microsoft in the public sector as a solution partner and got some early wins like BSF and CRPF. In the solutions space, we are working on all micro-technologies primarily on SharePoint, project servers, and BI. We then moved to incensing our capabilities by acquiring more domestic and international customers.

Q. How has your journey with Crayon been so far?

A. We have been working with Crayon Software for the last 4 years as partner as well as their customer. We have also signed up enterprise agreements with Crayon as a customer. We as a solution partner of Crayon help them in customer acquisition, pre- and post-sales deployments. We have expanded our presence in the cloud domain by bringing new customers onboard. We have also signed up as a tier 2 partner.

Q. How are Crayon’s solutions helping your customers grow?

A. We are not as big as Crayon. Hence, wherever we feel that we don’t have sufficient competency or capabilities, we engage with Crayon team and take their help and understand what the customers’ pain areas are. Crayon gives us the recommendations and if sometimes we feel that we are not able to implement the same, Crayon helps us in implementing the solutions to our customers as well.

Q. What are the different training programs offered by Crayon software to understand the latest technology?

A. Crayon Software hosts regular training programs where they provide training to all their partners. Crayon also arranges special sessions for us if we have a need, at a customer’s place, to understand some technologies.

Q. Where is the maximum traction coming from? What is driving growth for cloud services?

A. I feel the maximum traction is coming from the financial sector. The growth is also triggered by the growing adoption of disruptive technologies like cognitive services by our customers. Also, the startups who are working in areas like IoT devices have huge potential.

Q. How is the government proactively adopting cloud technologies?

A. Government has huge potential for cloud. We have got the privilege to work with a couple of government accounts. We have worked for Swatch Bharat, where we got the chance to host their platform in which we helped them in getting the application deployed on cloud and provided the support. We are also working with big government organizations. We are implementing a training app, which will be used to train around 50 lakh people in the next 1 year. The potential that we anticipate is $100 thousand per month. We also worked on an application called National Institution Ranking Framework to get it on cloud.

Q. What is your future roadmap for Crayon Software? 

A. We will be having quarterly strategic meetings and are planning for joint GTM where we will be hosting events to bring potential customers. We will try to answer their queries and discuss the benefits of cloud and challenges that our customers are facing.

By Ankit Parashar

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