Crayon Partner Summit

Crayon Excellerate Partner Summit at Chennai: Translating Success through Synergies

By Anusha Ashwin

In an effort to attribute its success to valued and trusted partners, Crayon Software Experts India Pvt Ltd set an interactive networking platform on November 14th, 2018 at Chennai’s The Residency. The evening witnessed the august gathering of Chennai-located partners who have transformed Crayon’s business into a successful endeavour.

Crayon, since its inception in 2014, has professionally escalated itself with an active partner support. Globally, Crayon has set its presence in 25 countries and has garnered 16,000 partners. Through Excellerate — A Partner Summit Event Series that happens in multiple Indian cities, Crayon wanted to express how the company values each partner who are ingrained in their DNA of success.

Third in the Partner Summit series is Chennai. Crayon invited its most valuable partners, based out of Chennai, for a networking evening to highlight how the company with each of its partners has capitalized on mutually exchanging their strengths. The turnout was successful with a participation of 48 companies, who are already Crayon’s partners and a few new partners who are exploring the possibilities of associating with Crayon and exploiting their technological prowess. Partner interaction apart, the summit also set a forum for networking and idea-feedback sharing among Crayon and its associates. At the Chennai Summit, Crayon, most importantly, assured its partners on how the company has completely aligned itself for the digital transformation happening around the world.

Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software, began that evening’s networking summit with an encouraging note. “It is four years since our presence in the software market. We have reached where we wanted to, but not without our partner’s support. The trust that the partners have on us is immense. We have proved that at every stage we can handhold our partner to identify the right clients, strategize a revenue generating business model, execute effectively and deliver their solutions on time. Crayon’s team has always backed its partner by providing the most technologically advanced and affordable software that can be globally deployed. Chennai’s partners have been equally responsible for growing Crayon’s business multifold and I view today’s networking event as a benchmark to our success.”

Crayon has deep technical and award winning capabilities across the entire Microsoft technology stack. The company possesses deep rooted relationships with key software publishers, such as Microsoft. With over 350 Microsoft MCPs across its organization and its unique SAM First Cloud First Philosophy, Crayon is ideally placed to assist its partner organizations of any size or location to optimize the technology investments.

Highlighting Crayon’s strengths, few partners voiced their opinion. Few interesting comments about the Crayon’s Summit as below:

P V Nagarajan, Cloud Solution Specialist at Xencia Technologies, said, “Xencia is a cloud technology services specializing company. Crayon’s partnership has been extremely valuable to Xencia, as the team at Crayon has helped us in onboarding customers and has helped us deploy Microsoft Azure and create a positive visibility in the cloud market. Today, Xencia has been recognized in the market as an end-to-end cloud services with the support of Crayon’s go-to market solutions.”

Ramkumar K, Lead Infrastructure Providing Group – Quadra, said, “Quadra has shared a great relationship with Crayon for more than 3 years now. Without Crayon’s support, it would have not been possible for us to enter into agreements with 18 enterprises to provide our Microsoft Azure and Office 365 software solutions. Over these years, Crayon has built a strong trustable relationship with Quadra and it delights me that right from the top level management to the ground level staff, the team has been very supportive at each and every stage to fulfill our deliverables.”

Arunkumar, Managing Director, NTPL, said, “NTPL is a new partner to Crayon. We are just a month old in our association. This summit gave a complete insight into Crayon’s full length digital transformation services. NTPL hopes to use all of Crayon’s digital offerings to help build our business in the future.”

Paul Tharian Paracka, Associate Vice President, GAVS technologies, said, “GAVS in fact started our relationship with Crayon as a customer. Soon, we realized that Crayon’s capabilities of out-reach into global markets could be leveraged and the company was a perfect match, complementing our managed services capabilities. This turned out to be a value-add to our global business and Crayon’s partnership proved worthy for us to foray new markets and expand business.”

As said, Crayon had set this platform at Chennai not only to network and sign new partners but also to say a big thank you to the partners for vesting all the trust in its regional team to be part of their successful business propositions. Giving out the vote of thanks for the evening, Chandu Ediga, Regional Head South at Crayon, said, “This evening is truly a reassurance to Crayon. It was forecasted to rain heavily at Chennai this evening, but the rains didn’t come. What’s raining here at this summit are partners and Crayon values all the partners that made it a possible evening and it brings immense joy and enthusiasm to the team to perform and serve more to our trusted partners.”

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